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January 24, 2014

My Nokia Lumia 2520 Start screen

Part of the Nokia Lumia 2520‘s charm is being able to pin apps, games, or Web bookmarks to the Start screen for quick and easy access – much like you can with Windows Phone.

With the ability to pin, comes a multitude of personalisation options.

I’ve been using the Nokia Lumia 2520 for over a month now and I think I’ve settled on a layout that I think that really suits my needs.

Here’s my Nokia Lumia 2520 Start screen.


Which apps have you prioritised?

For me, I can’t live without my calendar. If I’ve got an appointment for either work or my personal life, I make a calendar entry for it.

I’ve used the large tile here so I can see several appointments at once. This way, I can see what’s coming up today or tomorrow at a glance.

Bing Weather is in place for all my meteorological needs, and the Photos hub’s continual rotation of my images is a pleasant reminder of anything I’ve snapped.

Of course, I also have a tile for my emails, the news (using Bing News) and a People tile that shows my any notifications from my connected social networks.

What apps do you use to pass the time?

Facebook and Twitter get some major use and locking the two apps side by side means I can keep an eye on both at the same time.

I’m also quite fond of playing Where’s My Perry?. The controls are simple and I love the physics element of the gameplay.


What is the last app you paid for, and what does it do?

I think it was the LCARS Interface app. I stumbled upon it while browsing the Windows Store and immediately recognised it from when I used to watch Star Trek as a kid.

Yes, it’s very geeky, but it’s super-realistic (as realistic you can get for an imaginary computer interface) and provides some functions.

Which app(s) is your guilty pleasure?

It’s unashamedly Dragons Adventure.

Although it’s targeted at children, the pick-up-and-play gameplay suits me right down to the ground at the moment.

If I want a gaming fix and haven’t got too much time to invest, I load up Dragons Adventure. While there is an on-the-move gaming option, there’s also a play-at-home option, too, so I can just sit there and play, tap sheep, cabbages and fight dragons. Simple!

Have you got a Nokia Lumia 2520? How have you arranged your Start screen and why? Share your stories with us, in the comments below.