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January 24, 2014

#NokiaGloveLove promotes sensitive touchscreen

#NokiaGloveLove promotes Nokia Lumia’s sensitive touchscreen with the first ever Glove Amnesty and thermo-reactive billboard messages

Nokia Lumia devices are so sensitive you can even use them with your gloves on, so this winter on the 21st and 22nd January 2014 Nokia partnered with Do The Green Thing’s  ‘Glove Love’, a matchmaking service for single gloves. Our aim was simple: To create #NokiaGloveLove a Glove Amnesty by giving away newly matched pairs of gloves in return for single ones.

The amnesty encouraged Nokia fans to recycle single gloves to highlight how many gloves are lost as a result of taking them off to use a smartphone…. To emphasise the activity, Nokia developed the first ever thermo-reactive billboard of its size which displayed messages to highlight the sensitive touch of Nokia Lumia phones when using them in the winter, meaning you can use them with your gloves on so there’s no need to risk losing your gloves again!


The thermo reactive billboard displayed messages which changed depending on the surrounding air temperature, from ‘MAKE LOVE’ and ‘SEND LOVE’, to ‘MAKECALLS WITH GLOVES ON’ and ‘SEND TEXTS WITH GLOVES ON’ when the temperature dropped.



The public got to experience first-hand just how amazing the super sensitive touch technology on Nokia Lumia devices really is, by trying on gloves and using the phones! The interaction was excellent, with people hugely impressed but just how sensitive the phones were, even with gloves on.


Check out this timelapse of the transition of the messages from warm to cold here.


With a Nokia Lumia there’s no need to take your gloves off this winter! #NokiaGloveLove

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