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January 27, 2014

Meet Kaveer Rai, a winner of the Puerto Rico photo comp

Kaveer Rai from India doesn’t usually take part in photo competitions, but we’re very happy that he decided to make an exception with Photograph for Nokia in Puerto Rico.

He probably shares this sentiment, too, because he was selected by the grand jury as one of the five winners. Kaveer’s five favourite photos, which you can see below, provoke thoughts about our relationship with nature and give us a fascinating glimpse of his home country. Scroll down to see what he achieved with the world’s best camera smartphone and what he wants to tell us about his love of photography.

 nokia lumia 1020 kaveer rai
“Death womb”

When, how and why did you become a photographer?

It was seven years back when I asked my dad to buy me a handycam. When he did, I was supposed to shoot a lot of family videos, videos with friends and weddings and such. However, I started taking still pictures with it, which was almost an unnoticeable option in that camera, and I felt a whole new sense of pleasure, like never before. Since then, I have been trying to discover myself with ever picture I take, and some people even call me by the name Photographer.

nokia lumia 1020 kaveer rai 2


“The wait continues”

Where and what do you most like to photograph?

I am a travel photographer by passion and hence most of my snaps are from the places I explore. I like to photograph everywhere, whatever pleases me at that point in time.

nokia lumia 1020 kaveer rai 3


“The less known freedom.”

What inspired you to enter the competition?

I surely remember some friend of mine sent me a link to this contest. Sadly I can’t remember who it was, I hate myself for that! Usually I ignore photography competitions, but this time something was telling me to go for it and I always listen to that little voice. Another reason, of course, was my love of photography.

nokia lumia 1020 kaveer rai 4

“Caged nature, not far into the future”

What did you think of taking photos with the Nokia Lumia 1020 and which features did you like the best about it?

At first I had my doubts about the Nokia Lumia 1020 and its mighty camera, but then when I got my hands on it, it was an unbelievable experience. I was totally blown away by its awesomeness. If I had to pick one feature of the Nokia Lumia 1020 it’d have to be the manual settings and the interface, which is simply perfect.

nokia lumia 1020 kaveer rai 5

“Life as we see it”

Kaveer is a master of using colour and light, and the Nokia Lumia 1020 has clearly allowed him to make the most of his skills. Cool to hear he was “totally blown away by its awesomeness”… join the gang, Kaveer, so were we! By the way, if you are the friend who pointed out this competition to Kaveer and you’re reading this, please reveal your identity! Whoever you are, you’ve done all us aspiring smartphone photographers a huge favour. As for all our other readers, please share any thoughts and ideas about these pics in the comments, as always.