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January 28, 2014

MVC Award: December – the amazing works of Dávid Detkó!

MVC judge Celine NavarroBefore we get onto our latest winner in the prestigious MVC Award, we have a new judge to introduce you to! Celine Navarro! Celine is a Scrapbook and lifestyle blogger and you can keep up with all her travels on her blog. Please give her a very warm welcome!MVC judge Celine Navarro

MVC December David Detko

‘Years ago I chose Nokia because they have the past, present and future’ says this month’s MVC and I’m pretty sure that everyone involved and associated with Nokia is extremely happy to hear that statement, and rightly so, as this man has taken some astounding photography with Nokia devices. Here at Nokia Connects we have used almost every superlative in the book to describe the images he sends through to us, so much so that we wouldn’t be surprised if he was becoming bored of our praise, but it isn’t going to stop!

Each image is of a consistently high quality and every capture displays his bags of Lumia and photographic enthusiasm.

Congratulations to Dávid Detkó!

Located in Kiskunhalas, Hungary, Dávid began his Nokia love affair with the N9, before moving onto the 808 Pureview, and then the Lumia 920 and now his current device, the Lumia 1020. It was around the time Dávid started using the Lumia 920 that we invited him to London for a special event…


Dávid has even put his Lumia 1020 to work in professional photo-shoots, being featured in magazines such as Elle and Joy magazine.

So let’s see some photographs. You may need to strap your eyes in before getting on this ride as they may just pop out when you see what Dávid can do with a keen eye and a Lumia.

This first image was taken over the holiday period and was shared among many. It also happened to be the very first image that we included by our community on Instagram. With fire in the sky, Dávid has captured a beauty situating his Lumia 1020 as low to the ground as he could get. The photograph makes such a cold environment appear warm and kind of welcoming.

“I love how Dave plays with the horizon and what the subject of the image is.  In this case, is the subject the landscape above the horizon or the tarmac in the foreground?” MVC Judge: Jenifer Hanen


Created with Nokia Smart camera this capture perfectly displays the jump and slide of a daredevil BMX rider. Whilst portraying the action of the rider, the image is still remarkably crisp.

P.S I don’t think that hat can be classed as a safety helmet. Wear a helmet kids!


“I love how ecclectic and modern Dávid’s photographs look. He has a nice eye and manages to capture both the everyday and the extraordinary. The Lumia 1020 is definitely the tool he needs to capture life!” MVC Judge: Celine Navarro

We said he had a keen eye for a fantastic photograph and Dávid turns that cliche term on its head by taking a great image of an eye.

Take a minute to look at all the amazing details captured.

“Dávid uploads new images to his Flickr/Instagram every week, and I’m always in awe of his creativity!” MVC Judge: Clinton Jeff


The settings of the shots may be of a variety, but it’s the dynamic variety that displays just how good Dávid is at what he does.

We can all take a half decent photo of a sunset because the beauty of one gives you a helping hand, but these imageas are thought out and all around inspiring to everybody to really get the most out of their device!

As a sufferer of terrible hay fever in the summer period, the photograph below is beautiful, even to me, sitting in the knowledge that I pay a huge consequence of the act that the bee is performing.


I suggest that everybody takes a good look at Dávid’s impressive portfolio, not just to bask in his greatness but to be inspired too. I know I am.

Once again, congratulations to the Lumia King himself – Dávid Detkó!

Nominations for MVC in January will end when the month closes so be sure to nominate people who you find inspiring in the Nokia community or who are creating amazing things with Nokia. To nominate:

  • Send a tweet to @Nokia_Connects with the url to the piece you are nominating + the #NokiaConnectsMVC hashtag (for images, videos or tweets)
  • Send an email to Paul with the title “#NokiaConnectsMVC nomination” (for anything that requires more explanation or back story)