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January 30, 2014

The 6 most awesome entries – Nokia Lumia Challenge – Resolutions

First of all, a massive thank you to everyone who entered the competition! We had over 1700 entries and the standards were as ever extremely high.

For those reading this with no prior knowledge of the competition – we asked you to send photographs that resemble your New Year’s Resolutions on Instagram, tying in with the launch of the Nokia Connects Instagram that went live just after the New Year.

The beauty of this competition is the theme of resolutions can be widely varied from person to person, creating a lot of diversity. And of course the prize is nothing less than beautiful too, the mighty Lumia 1020!

Our winner is hugely enthusiastic about Nokia and put a lot of thought behind his winning entry. Please join me in congratulating Shiva Kaluse!

To claim your prize, please email me!

Shiva’s resolution was to be innovative and to have more colours in his life. To portray this Shiva cleverly created a Lumia clock full of Lumia colour, making every hour a Lumia hour!

With Shiva being a teacher by profession it’s no surprise to see that he always knows what time it is.

Nokia-Lumia-Challange-resolutions - winner

There were a number of challengers to Shiva’s who were in touching distance of his Lumia crown, fully deserving their moment in the starlight too.

So, in no particular order we give you…

Ana Puzar’s resolution is to live and enjoy every single day of her life, and coupled it with this wonderfully natural image below of children running under a truly awesome skyline.

Nokia-Lumia-Challenge-resolutions - anapuzar

Nina Paguirigan ran herself into the ground with work last year and has decided that she needs to relax more this year. She will certainly be relaxed if she is lying on the blanket captured below. I wonder where she was heading to though!


You might think that Rohit Shringare’s resolution was to learn how to levitate or to fly but it actually isn’t it’s to let nature be his biggest inspiration. A statement that perhaps those of us situated in big cities should keep in mind for this coming year, and beyond.

Nokia-Lumia-Challenger-esolutions - miracles

We’re onto the last 2 now, but there were so many great entries that we can’t do them all justice.

We will be sharing more of the entries on Instagram in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for that!

Peter Murphy has gone old-school. I used to own a few of these Vans and I can tell you that they don’t go very fast but find a hill and you’re scared for your life. Using the motion focus feature on the Nokia Smart camera Peter has captured a beauty.

Nokia-Lumia-Challenge-resolutions - auswin

Lastly but not least, we have Hansel T J, who wants to go back to the Zion National Park this year, and we can see why. Look at that view!

Nokia-Lumia-Challenge-resolutions - hansel

And that’s all for the moment folks. Well done to everybody who entered and congratulations again to Shiva who now gets to enjoy a Lumia 1020.

Let’s all congratulate him below in the comment section.

Cover image credit – Peter Velisek