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January 31, 2014

Chinese New Year, as told by Nokia Lumia

CNY-horse2014 marks the year of the horse; traditionally associated with good luck and fortune. But what has the mobile landscape got in store for China?

We spoke to Nokia Conversations’ Chinese editors for a snapshot on what they predict will be the most popular Windows Phone 8 apps and games for Nokia Lumia, plus the biggest technology trend in 2014.



“It’s on everyone’s phone” we’re told. Translating loosely to ‘micro message’, WeChat is China’s answer to WhatsApp, reportedly boasting more than 300m registered users. Make voice calls over your data connection or WiFi, and instant message with images and smileys, and start a real-time ‘walkie talkie’ mode.


UC Browser

Starting life as a Java-only app, the maker of this alternative UI browser claims more than 400m global users. It’s huge in China with features such as proving file-downloading, file-sharing and customisable themes and wallpapers proving very popular with users. It’s also available in some other markets.


Meitu XiuXiu

Translating to ‘showing off beautiful pictures’ this app is a powerful and free photo-tool that blends basic manipulation tools with powerful automatic effects. The app is available to download in some non-Chinese territories but you’ll need to speak the language, or play a game of trial-and-error until you master the app by icons alone.



Another photography app that has around 150m users under its belt. A simple user interface is melded with powerful image-capture technology and effects – such as double exposure – and features like an automatic photo diary (which keeps your snaps in order) that really take advantage of the Lumia’s prowess. Those with a high-quality PureView lens will be in for a treat.



Triple Defense

No, we’re not talking American football here, we’re talking lighting, geometrics and particles all mixed together to create one of the hardest, yet most annoyingly addictive, games we’ve played on our Lumia. It’s like a supercharged cross between the retro game, Asteroids, and Battleships. Get good and you’ll find yourself on the global leaderboard.


Temple Run 2

A worldwide hit, it seems. If you haven’t played the Temple Run series, we’d urge you to try today. The premise is simple – escape the advances of all manner of dangers by tapping, twisting and turning your Lumia. A classic of the mobile age. It’s also one of China’s most popular games with more than 130m users and counting.



Tech trend 2014

Our Chinese editors told us “As haze [air pollution] appears in most cities, people are concerned with health issues. They’re also very interested in green technologies but air purifiers sell out very quickly”. People are therefore turning to their Lumia smartphones to help with the issue, specifically the PM2.5 China app.


This clever download provides real-time air-quality information for your locale and other major cities. It will also send notifications if the index pollution is bad enough to warrant a mask. From the app, you can share updates with friends via a plethora of social networking sites.

An essential accompaniment for modern Chinese living.