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February 1, 2014

Our favourite 5 new Windows Phone apps of the week

So long, January! We’ve had a fine time – you’ve brought us zombie games, Martian shoot-‘em-ups, first aid, banking and workout apps and more.

We’re pretty psyched at what the rest of 2014 is going to bring, so kick to start the new month we’ve been busy immersing ourselves in the wonderful world of Windows Phone apps. Here, to wrap up this very cold month, are our top five new and updated apps from the past seven days. Are you ready?


What is it? A puzzle game

Why we love it: Swipe to join the coloured dots and make them disappear, Tetris-style. Or, for that matter, Candy Crush Saga style. This is a newbie in a much-beloved genre of match-and-click games: each level sets you a specific challenge – for instance, get a certain number of points in a limited time-span or in a limited number of moves. It’s bright, cheerful, very easy to figure out, and with about a billion levels – well, 204 at last count – it’s very, very addictive.

Who it’s perfect for: all gamers


Weather+ Beta

What is it? A weather app

Why we love it: The latest version of this app (1.3) has tweaked the app a bit – it’s not substantially different to what came before, but we wanted to bump it up because we think it’s amazing. Ten whole days of in-depth info (not just vague headlines) and a live radar (if you’re based in Europe or the USA) make this probably the most detailed weather application you’re going to get for your phone. If you pay for the full version you’ll get notifications and more theme options.

Who it’s perfect for: weather-aware folk


Pastry Push

What is it? A physics game

Why we love it: It’s cute and it’s a challenge. The early levels are pretty easy, but stick with it and you’ll get hooked. The aim is to feed your pastry to Moko the monster, who’s waiting somewhere on the playing board. You just swipe to send the cake flying in one direction or another, but the way’s blocked by obstacles, so your job is to get your pastry to Moko as expediently as possible, without falling down a trapdoor or meeting any other kind of nasty end.

Who it’s perfect for: younger gamers



Bing Food & Drink Beta

What is it? A comprehensive recipe/food info/shopping list app

Why we love it: It’s a really well thought-out app, full of recipes and ideas, and space for you to store your shopping lists and make collections of different meal ideas. You can share these with friends and sync it all up across different devices via your Microsoft account. And, like everything Bing produce, it’s really nicely integrated with the WP Metro UI, so it looks beautiful – even mouth-watering, one might say…

Who it’s perfect for: foodies



Throne Wars

What is it? MMO (massive multiplayer online) game

Why we love it: If you like the very involved, very detailed type of experience that MMO games offer, we reckon you’ll adore this one. The in-game tutorials make what might seem a little complex feel really manageable, so you can jump right in and start playing. And the graphics are superb – finely-detailed and really clear. They definitely make the most of our Lumias’ top notch screen. Oh, and the game itself – you get to build up and defend your own medieval kingdom and play with and against folk all around the world. Score!

Who it’s perfect for: MMO fans


That’s our first fab five for February, but we know there’s load more gems out there. If you’ve unearthed any that have rocked your Nokia Lumia, we’d love to hear about them down below.

Image credit: Patrick Walsh