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February 3, 2014

Meet Elena Goroshcenco, a winner of the Puerto Rico photo comp

Elena Goroshcenco from Moldova tells us she began her photography career as a children’s portrait photographer, and judging from what we’ve seen in her portfolio, she can take absolutely gorgeous portraits…

One of those multi-talented artists we can only gape at with wide-eyed admiration, she’s also a great landscape photographer and a winner of the Photograph for Nokia in Puerto Rico competition. Last but definitely not the least of the five winners, here’s Elena’s answers to our questions and her favourite photos from the competition portfolio.

nokia lumia 1020 elena goroshka 1

“My favorite photo is the one of a moving bus with Big Ben in the background. It took me a while to get a good shot. I experimented a lot and was waiting for the perfect moment.”

When, how and why did you become a photographer?

I first started taking photos about 7 years ago. After a year of practicing I began my career as a photographer working for a local magazine. I was responsible for creating and publishing kids’ portraits. Later on I started to experiment with other photography styles. Now I’ve found my style and this is what I want to do.

nokia lumia 1020 elena goroshka 2

“Another picture I like is this heart on a foggy window. I like the way water drops came out and that the picture can be printed out and sent to your loved ones as a greeting card.”

Where and what do you most like to photograph?

I love to travel all over the world and create photo essays about people’s life in the regions that I visit. I enjoy taking pictures of the sunset and sunrise. My dream is to go to Africa and do a big report about life there.

nokia lumia 1020 elena goroshka 3

 “These drops of dew on a green flower are like beads on an invisible thread.”

What inspired you to enter the competition?

I took part in this competition inspired by a friend who told me: “Believe in yourself and you will win!”

nokia lumia 1020 elena goroshka 4

“The combination of the red sky and bright neon wheel makes this picture of the London Eye feel surreal.”

What did you think of taking photos with the Nokia Lumia 1020 and which features did you like best about it?

I was very curious about Nokia Lumia 1020 features and was happy with the results, because I have never taken such good pictures with a phone camera.

I liked to take pictures of the night city. I was especially impressed with the light trail effect of moving cars. Pictures looked as if I’d used a professional camera. I particularly liked the macro shot feature of the Nokia phone.

nokia lumia 1020 elena goroshka 5


“Finally, I like the pictures from Brighton beach. The use of camera filters makes this photo unique and mysterious.”

Elena’s pic choices are a wonderful mix of city lights and the fragile, transient beauty of nature. We love her use of Nokia Lumia 1020’s camera filters and can’t wait to get out and experiment with them ourselves. So, if you had to choose, do you prefer the city or the nature shots? Please tell us in the comments section. And remember to stay tuned for Elena and the other winners’ photos from Puerto Rico, which we’ll be showcasing soon.