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February 4, 2014

Around the world in 80 Lumias: Finland

The Finnish have a saying “All that shines is not gold, nor is all silver that gleams.” While this is true in most circumstances, it’s certainly not the case when you put a Nokia Lumia into Antti Tassberg’s hand.

A proud Nokia employee, this Espoo-based photographer has an amazing talent for making the everyday shine and the mundane gleam. It’s this skill that makes him the perfect person to showcase Finland on our photographic world tour, Around the world in 80 Lumias. But before we check out his beautiful photos of a country clearly very close to our hearts, we asked Antti a few questions about photography, Finland and his Nokia Lumia love affair.


So, Antti, how did you get into photography?

The first time I partipated in a photography training course was during the late 70s. Back then I only took a few pictures. About 10 years later I invested to my first SLR and started to shoot a bit more but the processing I left for film labs. I mainly took photos of my hobbies or in various events or when I was traveling. After moving to digital and especially after switching to RAW my photography really started to develop. I took more pictures, edited a lot and shared my pictures on the Internet. I tried several photo sharing services until I joined Flickr.  It was only after several years of digital photography that I rediscovered black and white photography, which has since become my favorite format especially during winter.

Then the Nokia 808 PureView arrived.

That little device took me by surprise and changed my photography. Since then I’ve carried a camera wherever I go. I loved the image quality and the manual controls and I really liked the on-camera B&Ws I could create. The Nokia Lumia 1020 I’ve had since day one. It’s my current day-to-day companion, which I use alongside my DSLR.

What do you like best about your Nokia Lumia 1020?

The best parts are Nokia Camera’s manual controls and easy access to the user interface. I really value the wide exposure time range. That extends the cameras possibilities significantly. The opportunity to shoot in RAW makes a big difference for me, too. I really like editing and RAW gives me the best starting point. And the grip. Did I mention Le’grip? It’s my favorite accessory. I’m looking forward for what Nokia Lumia phones will bring next to photographers.

Where in Finland do you like to shoot photos most and why?

I have a camera or two with me whereever I go. I like to capture scenery or events I haven’t experienced before. I often go for angles that are not the most obvious ones or easiest to capture. I also try to take the best out of the season. Around the area I live there’s plenty of shooting opportunities too. However, there is one activity I love to capture above all else and that’s sailing. Whether it’s holiday sailing or a regatta, I love trying to capture the feeling.

What are your three top tips for shooting awesome Lumia photos?

Experiment. Shoot a lot, try different exposures and learn. Study how your Nokia Lumia can develop your photography.

Hot-Air Balloon
What a winter! Ice skating tracks are flooding
Vågspel at Champagne Regatta
Sunset at Westend


Alpine Ibex and Helsinki
outdoor pool
Night Photographer
Wintry marina at night
Ice fishers

As someone lucky enough to live in Finland, I can totally appreciate how wonderful each of these photos are. So much so, it’s really difficult to pick a favourite. But what about you? Which of Antti’s super Suomi masterpieces gives you the most pleasure? Let us know in the comments below.