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February 5, 2014

iPhone photographer chooses the Lumia 1020 next

“I would recommend the Lumia 1020 without reservation”

Having set himself a project to capture at least one photograph every day, Mark Simone soon found himself to be an award-winning photographer. Entering a competition as a result of a recommendation from a friend, Mark subsequently took home and iPhone Photo Award for the best capture in the 2013 ‘Trees’ category.

Currently a practicing Architect and Furniture Designer, along with writing and recording a record, Mark is a busy man, but a year on from his prize winning performance, he’s been testing a Lumia 1020.

Far from a self-proclaimed ‘techy’, he had to do some research into his shiny new Lumia 1020 as he ‘did not know much about it’, but was immediately impressed with the’41 mega-pixel camera and that ‘it offers a lot more manual control than an iPhone’.

Below you can see Ziggy the dog who belongs to one of Mark’s friends. What you can’t see though is that Ziggy is standing on a 80 ft drop!


“The Lumia 1020 camera hardware is undoubtedly superior to the iPhone”

Mark describes his photography as ‘abstract compositions using elements of landscapes and lighting’ and you can see why below. It’s clear that natural lighting and capturing the true essence of each landscape is highly prioritised in his work.


To conclude, Mark is so impressed he states that ‘coming from a former iPhone user and photographer, I would recommend the Lumia 1020 without reservation’.

He also believes that the device is far from just a camera in a phone and that ‘with so much resolution and versatility built into such a sleek device’ that the bar has been raised for both mobile phone and camera makers alike.

The fact that the Lumia is making a camera that is competitive in the SLR market is going to force the SLR makers to revolutionize their products to try and stay ahead of mobile cameras.  In my opinion, it is the best mobile device that I have seen on the market today, and will most likely usher in a new wave of advancements in the digital photography industry.’

Before enjoying the rest of Mark’s uniquely styled images, you can follow him on Instagram for more of his images. Let us know what you think of Mark’s work in the comments section, we’d love to hear from you!

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