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February 5, 2014

Nokia Lumia 625: The every-phone?

Is there a phone that’s genuinely great for everyone? With a big display, easy-to-use operating system and a Start Screen where it’s possible to make everything larger, the Nokia Lumia 625 is perfect for all-ages, and is unusually ideal for elderly people.

We’ve been talking to UK pensioner, Isobel Tiney, to find out exactly what she likes most about the Lumia 625 and what makes it so easy to get to grips with.


“You only have to touch the screen very lightly,” says Isobel, explaining what she likes the most about the Lumia 625. “It’s much more effort to press the (physical) buttons on my old phone. And because you can press it so lightly, it’s a lot better if you have arthritis or your fingers aren’t so good.”

Older people sometimes struggle with capacitive touchscreens, as the displays are slightly less responsive to dryer skin. That’s not an issue with the Lumia 625, however, as its Super Sensitive Touch feature helps it to register even the lightest press from fingers and even fingernails. Even gloved fingernails.

We showed Isobel how to make the text bigger on Windows Phone – simply open Settings, tap ‘Ease of Access’ and slide the text bar to the right.

“It’s much easier to read the text when it’s bigger onscreen,” she adds, “and I like the fact all the buttons on the home page can be made larger. Even the middle-sized icons are easily big enough to use, so it’s perfect for any age.”

The onscreen keyboard initially proved the biggest stumbling block, with Isobel accustomed to an older Nokia with a traditional T9 keypad. The Lumia was quick to win her over, however, and she explains: “It’s very good at making corrections as you type.”

Two hands to type

“I can use two hands to type – I can’t do that with my old phone. It’s easy to get the wrong buttons when you’re typing at first, but that’s something you get used to when you’ve had the phone for a while.”


“I was pressing them on one side or the other, but you get used to tapping them in the middle, and it’s easy to use. It’s quite a clear keyboard, really.”

“After a while I found it easier to use than my old phone, because all the keys are on display. I also found it quicker when I did make mistakes; there’s more of a pause if you need to delete words on my old phone. It’s all really intuitive though.”

Having got familiar with the keyboard and texting, Isobel switched her attention to other features. “I use the camera on my phone a lot,” she says, “and the camera on this one is a lot easier to use. And it’s great how you can zoom in or out of photographs once you’ve taken them.”


We showed Isobel how to add games from the Windows Phone Store, and she adds: “The ability to play games is magic; I definitely like being able to play Solitaire. The bigger screen means everything’s a bit clearer, a bit easier to see.”

“It’s just so simple to use – it’s easier to get to grips with than my previous phone.”

Add the fact that the Nokia Lumia 625 is available at a more-than-reasonable price through operator deals in the UK, and it’s the ideal handset for older people. Do you have any elderly friends or relatives with a Nokia Lumia?

Leave a comment and let us know below – we’d love to find our oldest Nokia fan.