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February 7, 2014

Our favourite 5 new Windows Phone apps of the week

It’s February! That means it’s springtime, and what better way to celebrate the onset of the season of new beginnings and new growth than by downloading some new apps to brighten up your Windows Phone?

Yes, we hear you cry, but which apps are the best? Well, that’s where we come in – read on to hear all about our top five new and updated apps from the past seven days.



What is it? A Pocket client

Why we love it: We’ve met Pocket before – a service that lets you save online articles for offline reading later – but there’s still not an official WP Pocket app, so we’ve gotta go third party. Poki is the latest option, and we think it’s a keeper. From the simple, colourful, san-serif style design to the zippy search facility, tag support, and the read-aloud function (for sites that incorporate that), this is an all-singing, all-dancing critter that’s really worth a download.

Who it’s perfect for: People who read a lot online



Migram Beta

What is it? An unofficial Telegram app

Why we love it: Telegram is one of the latest messaging systems gaining in popularity – similar to Whatsapp and others, its selling points are that it’s super-fast, secure ad-free and has no data-size restrictions. It’s cloud-based so it’ll work across all your devices. Now, in the absence of an official Telegram app, we’re pretty impressed by this third-party offering – Migram is clean and easy to use and does seem to be as fast as advertised. Check it out and get ahead of the crowd…

Who it’s perfect for: texters



-2Hot Rod Racers

What is it? A drag-racing game

Why we love it: It’s bright and brash and has all the gimmicks you want in a racing game – car customization, lots of characters and different gameplay modes. Because it’s drag rather than track racing, you get to mix it up a bit by dodging traffic cones and performing mad jumps. Watch out for pricey in-app purchase, but otherwise revel in the gritty cityscapes. Now, accelerate!

Who it’s perfect for: racing and car fans




Plant Nanny

What is it? A reminder app

Why we love it: Ever felt like you ought to be drinking more water, but you just keep on forgetting? Enter Plant Nanny, a very cute app that’ll remind you and keep track of your water consumption, too. Log your intake, keep an eye on your daily charts, and – more importantly – have a peep at the plant and flowerpot graphics. Who’d have thought staying hydrated could be so entertaining?

Who it’s perfect for: thirsty folk



Flower Garden

What is it? A horticultural game

Why we love it: Tend to your flowers – water them, fertilize them – then cut them and make bouquets for your friends. Okay, not a typical game and definitely not one for thrill-seekers, but it’s pretty cute and it does demonstrate that all games aren’t the same and that audiences differ. This is quiet and peaceful and will appeal to the more Zen-like WP8 users out there, and probably to quite a few younger customers. Again, though, watch out for the in-app purchase which can turn a cute freebie into an expensive hobby…

Who it’s perfect for: Plant-lovers and non-traditional gamers


Five cracking apps to kick off th new month. Needless to say, we’re enjoying each and every one, but which of our fab five are you finding most useful or entertaining? Let us know down below.