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February 7, 2014

Get Star Trek LCARS on your Lumia

Feel like you’re a part of Starfleet and load up your Nokia Lumia 2520 and smartphone with the LCARS Interface. Make it so!

When you watch any scene from Star Trek (The Next Generation onwards) shot onboard the USS Enterprise, the computer screens all show LCARS.

The LCARS interface is immediately recognisable due to its clean lines, with a bold and colourful appearance. Not so unlike Windows and Windows Phone.

Developed by Davstar Apps, LCARS Interface for Windows Phone and Windows 8 looks accurately real. But not only that, it actually has a number of useful functions; something one of the developers say is vital.


“It’s very important that it actually ‘works’. There are plenty of LCARS type apps out there that can entertain, but our apps are a fun experiment to see how practical this interface style is for every day tasks.” explains, David Haddad, one of the developers at Davstar Apps.

LCARS Interface displays the time and date, has a functioning calculator, a LCARS themed Web browser, a battery level indicator and shows you the weather under the ‘atmosphere’ option – as you’d expect from a starship console – as well as other functions that vary between Windows Phone and Windows 8 version.


Inspiration for features comes from the users of LCARS Interface.

“Feedback so far has been great! Our Windows 8 app has almost 300 reviews and/or ratings from all over the world. The average score is 4.7 out of 5 stars.” tells David. “We love hearing about the things that our users like and don’t like, which this drives the direction we take in future updates. A large number of features that have been added since initial release have come from user feedback.”

With more features on the horizon, expect some new components, new animations and other improvements to the LCARS Interface.

Davstar Apps encourage anybody who uses their apps to come forward and leave some ideas for any feature requests, so if you’d like to see something added, drop them a message.

If you’re a big fan of Star Trek, LCARS Interface is a must-have app. As an added bonus, download LCARS Personnel to restyle the contact list on your Nokia Lumia smartphone to match the LCARS theme.

Are you into Star Trek? Have you tried this app? Share your experiences, or feature requests, in the comments section below.