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February 10, 2014

Getting stuck into Storyteller

First launched with the Nokia Lumia 1520 and on the Lumia 2520 at the November Nokia World event in Abu Dhabi, Nokia Storyteller is now coming for other Lumia owners too.

What is Storyteller and why do you want it?

Storyteller is a new alternative to the ‘camera roll’ in the Photos hub on Nokia Lumia smartphones. Rather than just showing your pictures in one big list, the app uses the metadata stored inside the shots to automatically arrange them into groups, making it easier to relive your memories, more vividly.

You can see your pictures sorted by time or by location. The app is intelligent enough to group together posts into events. If you go to a party and take lots of pictures, it will show a group for that occasion. That makes it easier to find groups of pictures, and less likely you’ll get distracted half-way through telling someone about the event.

Getting hold of Storyteller

Use this link or the QR code to the right to go to the Windows Phone Store and grab the app. You can also find it in the Nokia Collection directly on your phone.


Telling stories

Nokia Storyteller is designed to make it easier to tell stories with your pictures. When we spoke to its designers, Michiel Terlouw and Annina Koskinen, they told us that many people found that digital cameras had changed the experience of looking at pictures. There’s no longer that special thrill of getting a package back from processing, and opening the envelope to relive your experiences.

Storyteller aims to reverse that by adding extra value to your pictures, even helping them come to life with movement.


With Storyteller grouping your photos by time and place, it becomes a lot easier to tell people stories with your pictures. You can also learn more about your pictures by zooming out to show its position on the map. You can tell people the name of the church in the background of your shot, even if you never noticed it at the time, or retrace your steps through a day trip to a location.

Flexible and fun

You can rename places to be more descriptive (just go the opening screen of a location collection), and add captions to your pictures to add more details (just tap and fill them in at the top of the screen). Storyteller is still in beta, and the team have plans to add more layers of information to your picture collections over the period of its development.

It’s recommended that you have the Lumia Black update installed for optimum use, but Storyteller will work with the Lumia Amber update too.

Have you tried Nokia Storyteller yet?  Try it now and tell us what you think of it.

image credits: jDevaun, sarabbit