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February 10, 2014

Meet Pina Gruden, a winner of the Puerto Rico photo comp

Last, but by no means least, put your hands together for our final winner of the Nokia in Puerto Rico photo competition Pina Gruden.

A marine biologist by profession, Pina Gruden from Kranj, Slovenia specialised in taking pictures of the dorsal fins of dolphins before entering the competition. What a fabulous career, we think, sitting here at our office desk. What’s even more fabulous is the photos she took for her competition portfolio on the Nokia Lumia 1020. Here are her five favourites, along with her personal thoughts on photography.

nokia lumia 1020 photography

“Do we even see what surrounds us?”

When, how and why did you become a photographer?

I started with photography in 2004 for identifying individual marine mammals – a method called photo identification used in population studies in biology, which enables us to recognize individuals based on the pictures of their dorsal fins or tail flukes. Soon my job as a marine biologist took me to different places around the world and my photography interest expanded to travel photography as well. I wanted to capture unique places that I was privileged to visit on my expeditions and to bring nature and its beauty closer to people. And of course to capture moments that will not fade and I could return back to when I’m sitting in the office on a rainy day. 😉

nokia lumia 1020 photography
“And see the world in a new perspective”

Where and what do you most like to photograph?

My favorite place to photograph is still on the boat- when we are in the field with the animals we study. It’s really challenging since the dolphins move very fast (and you’re trying to capture dorsal fins of every individual in the group), but at the same time it brings you such tranquility and joy.

nokia lumia 1020 photography
“Golden sun rays colouring the late afternoon”

What inspired you to enter the competition?

I heard about this competition from my friend just before it closed, so it was one of those last minute decisions that work out really great. I liked the fact that it was a nature photography competition and that encouraged me to apply.

nokia lumia 1020 photography
“And see that the true wealth lies right in front of you”

What did you think of taking photos with the Nokia Lumia 1020 and which features did you like best about it?

Nokia Lumia 1020 was a really pleasant surprise. I did not know what to expect before I received the phone, since my past experience with cameras on the phones hadn’t been that great. But when I got my Lumia 1020 and started using it I was really impressed. The options are very intuitive and similar to the DSLR, so I felt comfortable taking pictures (it wasn’t like I had to learn something completely new). I think my favorite function is definitely the shutter speed setting – it was incredible that you could take long exposure shots on a phone! Also the manual focus and white balance options were very useful.

nokia lumia 1020 photography

“Eyes of the forest”

Once again, the Nokia Lumia 1020 delivers… three cheers for the world’s best camera smartphone. And three super loud cheers for Pina Gruden for her victory and these outstanding pics. We think she really opens our eyes to the magnificence of the world around us. I, for one, promise to stop and admire my surroundings a bit more often from now on. So, what did you think of Pina’s photos, any firm favourites there? Let’s us know in the comments below.