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February 12, 2014

10 must read quotes about why Nokia Lumia is best for business

We’ve talked about it a lot recently and we’ll carry on talking about it until the whole world knows: Nokia Lumia smartphones are pretty much unbeatable as business devices.

If you’re not yet ready to take our word for it, though, here’s a very credible alternative. We collected ten extremely convincing quotes from IT and business decision- makers who have been supremely happy with their switch to Nokia Lumia. Just see for yourself below what they had to say… A little spoiler: it’s all great.

lumia office

“You get seamless connection into our back-end Microsoft systems, so a [Windows Phone] tablet that looks pretty much like an iPad gives you access to Exchange, all of our systems, ERP [enterprise resource planning]. As well as all the nice tablet functions people like.” (Computer Weekly, 1/2014)

Andrew McManus, IT director, the NEC (National Exhibition Centre) Group

“It was so easy and another reason was the number of business applications that are available out of the box, so we rolled out Windows Phone without having to install any external applications.”

Boris Hurinek, CTO of software services group Eurobase (Computer Weekly, 1/2014)

“Lumia has several models and price categories and they all give you the same platform and same apps for a very reasonable price. We can now give our end-users much more than in the past, with the same budget. This is very good development.”

Esa Pigg, ABB Finland’s Interim Country CIO (image credit: ABB)

ABB Transfomers, Vaasa
“We are a Microsoft house through and through and Nokia’s Lumia devices are perfectly suited to our needs… Quite simply the Nokia Lumia 820, working with the rest of our Microsoft environment, makes communication across the estate simple and delivers a great end-user experience.”

Jay Lyford, IT Manager at Sports Direct retail stores

“The advantage to us is Windows 8 is aligned to the same security model we use for our laptops.”

Jeremy Boss, head of IT Department for Energy and Climate Change (Computer Weekly, 1/2014)

“We were looking for a business smartphone that could easily integrate with our existing Microsoft infrastructure… Nokia Lumia and the Windows Phone fit the bill perfectly, allowing our people to do much more than just check their email and make calls.”

John Armstrong, head of IT shared services at the soft drinks company Britvic.

“The Nokia Lumia 920 has made such a significant change to the way I work, I have to have it in the bag. It is as essential as a camera to me. I just can’t imagine working without it.” (see video)

Jamie Lumley, owner of Lumley Pictures, a photography business in London

 “Last year all our clients migrated to Windows 7 and our cooperation platform to Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint. Therefore, we’re really happy with Windows Phone 8. We have a platform which fits perfectly with both our client strategy and our back office strategy.”

Egbert Fichtler, Head of IT Infrastructure at premium appliance supplier Miele

miele and lumia


“Nokia makes the best phones and we make the best healthcare applications… So we make a great team.”

Marc Schlottig, Product Manager at the healthcare software solution provider MediFox

“The feedback from our agents about the Nokia Lumia smartphones has been very positive…They look good, have a brilliant user interface and great features without compromising on speed or battery life, making working out of the office easier than ever before.”

Dan Rafferty, IT Director of Foxtons, London’s leading estate agent

lumia cnn

Based on these comments from people in the know, Nokia Lumia smartphones are equally well suited for large and small businesses, improving efficiency, productivity and general happiness alike. A lot of important reasons to love Nokia Lumia were mentioned, but was anything left unsaid that should be there? We’re counting on you to say it in the comments below. Over to you, ladies and gentlemen.