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February 12, 2014

Asha App Spotlight: Fast and Furious 6

The hugely popular Asha game franchise gets a sixth update.

Controlling a car in Fast and Furious 6 is particularly easy. The car accelerates automatically, leaving to you to tap on the sides of the screen to steer and hit the brake pedal to slow down. There’s a nitro button to speed things up but keep deploying it and you’ll find it’s only a matter of time before you run out of gas/petrol. Try and collect as many nitro bottles on your way to maintain your pace.

Police parked in the road will try and slow you down but, even if you manage to dodge them, they’ll instigate a high-speed chase – forcing you into mistakes. If they catch you, it’ll be a big fine or, depending on how many times you’ve been caught, game over.


Different challenges

To progress you’ll be set a series of challenges, such as finishing in the top three. Prove your racing mettle and you’ll be able to unlock levels, race in different locations, access different cars and make more money. Once you’ve got cash, start purchasing upgrades and tuning parts to make your car quicker and handle better.

There’s a range of desirable sports, muscle, even police cars – some we’ve heard of, some we definitely haven’t – to choose from, each offering their own credentials and driving options. There’s also a selection of drivers to choose from.


Mode selector

There are multiple gameplay options; a story mode sets the scene for what’s going on, time trial and elimination races, and a simple but fun quick-play option.

We found trying to beat target times particularly satisfying, with penalties imposed for hitting objects helping to keep us on track while driving as quickly as possible.


If you liked previous versions of the game, you’ll love Fast and Furious 6. You’ll need lightening-quick responses to come out on top, but it’s a lot of fun trying.

Oh, and check the in-game tutorial if you get stuck.

Are you fast? Or furious (we hope not)? Let us know in the comments below.