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February 12, 2014

Get the ultimate video experience with Nokia Lumia Icon

At first glance, the Nokia Lumia Icon may look like just another pretty face. With its bold design and metallic accents, it has an assumed beauty about it.

It must be known, however, that the Lumia Icon is a video powerhouse.  Let’s look under the hood and see what makes video on Lumia Icon second to none.

Capturing the perfect video

With six ZEISS lenses and a 20-megapixel camera, the Lumia Icon can shoot still images that will make jaws drop. However, the Nokia Lumia Icon can also shoot full frame 1080p 30 frame-per-second video that can be zoomed in 3x to 720 with no pixel loss.  This combined with Optical Image Stabilization means your captured videos are vivid, smooth and precise.


Going beyond the camera capture quality, the Nokia Lumia Icon is breaking ground with its audio capture capabilities as well. Armed with four omnidirectional microphones, the Lumia Icon records brilliant full stereo with no distortion and virtually zero background noise.

What does this mean in real terms?  Whether you’re recording a conversation between two people or a performance at a concert, the audio recorded is exactly how you remember it.

To illustrate the point, check out our favorite drag race video, which happened to be recorded on a Nokia Lumia Icon. See how the device stood up to two incredibly loud muscle cars racing down a Las Vegas speedway while still recording crystal clear audio. At the 1:02 mark you can click to a comparison video between Nokia Lumia Icon and the Samsung Galaxy S4 to see and hear the difference for yourself:

A truly stunning display

The Nokia Lumia Icon has a screen that can ensure your videos look as good as possible. With a 5” HD OLED screen that displays content at 1080p, the display on the Nokia Lumia absolutely pops. In fact, the Nokia Lumia Icon’s screen displays an industry leading 441 pixels per inch, meaning your video content will come to life in your hand on its display.

Given the super fast quad-core processor, monstrous amount of RAM and generous on-board storage, you’ll have the technical ability to create the best videos you’ve ever had on mobile.

Also, with apps such as Vine, Instagram and the YouTube Video Upload app from Nokia, your can hit the social networks to show off your crystal clear videos as you please.

So, now that you know all the video capabilities of the Nokia Lumia Icon, how will you put it to use?