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February 12, 2014

MVC Award Winner January – France’s Julie Grienenberger!

Meet Parisian Julie Grienenberger – who is, amongst many other things, this month’s MVC winner! Julie has been nicknamed ‘Nokia Girl’ for her obsession with all things Nokia and is even the Co-Founder of – a website dedicated to Nokia, with her native French community in mind. I think it would be fair to say, Julie is amongst our biggest fans, which is great, because we’re pretty big fans of her too.

Julie takes her passion for technology and applies it in her everyday life as a UX designer for mobile apps. She’s an active computing fan and is frequently involved in Hackathons. She’s pretty much always been in love with technology, having designed her first website at 12 and throws herself into this passion with the utmost enthusiasm.


‘I’m always blown away by the pictures on my 1020’, writes Julie when introducing herself on She has been a Nokia ambassador since 2010, so I think we, at Nokia Connects, can take her word as a pretty big thumbs up, right? We’re more than blown away by her use of the lowlight on the Lumia 925 in the picture below – she manages to capture her home city of Paris in all its unparalleled beauty.

What’s amazing to see is how much Julie’s Nokia enthusiasm oozes through into every project she’s passionate about. She puts Nokia at the heart and soul of everything and I think it’s fair to say, she’s frequently got Nokia on the brain. For example, when she isn’t travelling the world in seek of all things Nokia, she’s devouring tasty treats and even baking her own – all of which she, of course, captures on her Lumia, occasionally even including them in the outcome…


As co-founder of – Julie is an expert on everything Nokia and the website is kept up to date with fresh content every single day by either herself or her equally clued-up contributors. Now – that’s commitment! All our wonderful French-speaking members of the community out there, we urge you to go and check out the site – it’s a fountain of Nokia expertise.

When she’s not talking Nokia on her site, Julie, who is only 25, is involved in some pretty impressive events. Not least of which is speaking at Microsoft Tech Days about her experiences at working in User Experience for some of the top industry leaders in the field. For those of you lucky enough to speak French, you can check Julie out in the video below, unleashing all her expert knowledge:


We think you’ll all agree that Julie deserves big congratulations for her incredible contribution to Nokia so far and that she’s a fantastic asset to our community. If you want to tell Julie ‘Bravo!’ yourself, you can do so by tweeting her @juliegri and don’t forget to check out too!

Once again –a huge cyber round of applause for Julie Grienenberger!

Be sure to nominate inspiring people in the Nokia community for MVC in February. If you know anyone creating amazing things with their Nokia Lumia or people who are significant contributors to our wonderful community then let us know. Nominations for MVC in February will end when the month closes so be sure to nominate. To get your nominations in:

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