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February 13, 2014

Nokia Lumia Instagramer of the Week: Mohamed Riadh Larbi

The first true photo, called “Boulevard du Temple” was taken by Louis Daguerre way back in 1838. Fast forward 176 years and there are 27,800 photos uploaded to Instagram every minute!

And now with Instagram Beta available for Nokia Lumia users, even more people are getting the photography bug. One such individual is this week’s Nokia Lumia Instagramer, Mohamed Riadh Larbi. Originally from Tunisia, Mohamed is now living in the German city of Hamburg, which he captures wonderfully on his Nokia Lumia. To see for yourself, check out his top ten favourite photos below. But before that, let’s hear what he has to say about his love of Lumias, Instagram and his adopted city.


Which Nokia Lumia do you have and what do you like most about it?

I have the Nokia Lumia 1020. It’s my first smartphone. I wasn’t a fan of smartphones until a friend of mine bought a Nokia Lumia 920 in November 2012. It was the first time, I got interested in Lumias. What stood out, for me, was the design, the features and, of course, the camera. It was very different from all other smartphones in the market, which all seem very similar in my opinion. Early in 2013, I decided to buy its successor the Nokia Lumia 925 but then heard about the Lumia 1020 that was unveiled last summer and I decided to wait. It was well worth it. I’m now the proud owner of a really good smartphone and a great camera in one. The 1020 definitely mets my expectations.

Where do you shoot most of your photos and what sort of photos do you like to take best?

Taking photos is like documenting those beautiful little moments or memories you don’t want to forget. I’ve lived in Hamburg since 2007 and now I’m trying to re-explore this beautiful city and discover places I’ve never been before. I also can’t wait to visit my home country Tunisia and capture its beauty with my Lumia 1020. I also really enjoy taking tripod-selfies. It’s really challenging to choose the right location, the right position for your smartphone and be in the right spot, stand or sitting, at the right time. It’s a lot of fun!

What are your top tips for taking Instagram photos on your Nokia Lumia?

1. Don’t get intimidated while shooting in public, even if you think you might be looking weird at that moment. Trust me, you’ll regret it later, I know I have.

2. Take a moment and look around. It’s  helpful to have a plan/target of what you want to present or express through your photos and then share with the world.

3. Get the camera grip and a tripod not only for tripod-selfies but also for long exposure and low light shots.

4. At the moment I only use the Nokia Creative Studio App to edit and crop my photos. However, I do experiment a lot with filters and settings to make sure I’m familiar with them. But sometimes it’s better to keep it simple.

5. Skill comes with practice, so take lots of photos, be patient and explore the various settings of the Nokia Camera to get used to them.

6. Last but not least, learn from other instagramers and get inspired by them. Then use your imagination/creativity to put your own spin on your own photos.

Which five Nokia Lumia instagramers do you recommend everyone to follow?



My first long exposure photo.


The Old Elbe Tunnel is a must-see sight for Hamburg visitors.


The Hamburg Harbour between ice and fire.


Another sunset shot.


A tripod-selfie with a beautiful view of Hamburg Harbor.


It took me weeks to find the right puddle for this puddlegram. It’s one of my favorite shots.


Another tripod-selfie.


This is the new building of the State Ministry for Urban Development and Environment in Hamburg, built in 2013.


The editing process can turn some of photos into something magical. These are hand drawn stars on the street.


One of the most beautiful stairs I’ve ever seen.

We’re huge fans of  Mohamed’s photography. If you are, too, be sure to check out more of his awesome images on Instagram.  And if you’d like to be featured as Nokia Lumia Instagramer of the Week, just follow us on Instagram and/or hashtag your photos Lumia. We look forward to checking out more of your work! In the meantime, why not tell us which of Mohamed’s shots you love best, in the comments below.