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February 14, 2014

Lumia love: Best Nokia Lumia Valentine’s Day apps

Wherever you are in the world, Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love and friendship, and your Nokia Lumia is the perfect device to help you enjoy the day.

There are loads of apps available for your Lumia that work perfectly together, giving you ideas for the perfect date, evening in or icebreaker with somebody new. We take a look at some of the options.


OpenTable & Waze

OpenTable makes it easier than ever before to make a restaurant booking using your Lumia. From picking the date, to arranging the number of people, to searching nearby locations for a restaurant with vacant tables, it’s the ideal app to arrange a surprise romantic evening out without your partner overhearing your plans.

When you do find the ideal restaurant, take advantage of Waze to get there quicker, cheaper and with a lot less stress, thanks to the app’s community-based mapping. Waze helps you to avoid congestion, find the fastest routes and save on fuel prices, so you can spend less time traveling and filling up, and more time enjoying a night out with your partner or friends.


Instagram & A Beautiful Mess

Instagram helps you to create perfect photographs, which is exactly what you’ll want to remember the best Valentine’s Day ever. Capture those lovely memories on your Nokia Lumia, share them with friends and loved ones, and play with different effects to come out with some stunning creations.

A series of great looking filters on Instagram can help you come up with some jaw-dropping photographs, but there’s no need to keep things serious. Have a bit of fun with A Beautiful Mess, a photo-editing app that lets you add additional light-hearted filters, text and doodles, giving you the chance to tell your Valentine how much they mean to you.


Nokia MixRadio & BigOven

Making mixed tapes for loved ones may have died out years ago, but we still love the idea behind it. What could be better than sharing music that you love with people you care about? MixRadio is a great chance to discover new and exciting bands and albums, and the best way to get to know more about a new date.

Now you’ve got the music for your evening sorted out, what about some romantic food? BigOven offers more than 300,000 recipes, helping you to whip up a meal to win over even the fussiest eater. The app also takes advantage of the ingredients you’ve got on offer; just type in what’s in your fridge or cupboards, and BigOven will make suggestions based on what you have.


Skype & PicLab

Although we’d all love to share Valentine’s Day with our partners, sometimes it’s just not possible. This is where Skype comes in, letting you keep in touch with people you care without having to spend lots of money, wherever they are in the world. The ability to make video calls, in addition to voice calls and instant messaging, means that Skype really is the next best thing.

If you are talking to loved ones using Skype on Valentine’s Day, why not create some photographs to help remind them of you, using PicLab. Edit your snaps to make sure they’re perfect, add effects, borders and words of love, and send them your creation using Skype or share via social networks.


eHarmony & Vimeo

Just under 5% of US marriages begin with a date organised via online dating service eHarmony. If you’re still trying to find the perfect match, this handy app helps you to keep in touch with the eHarmony community on your Nokia Lumia, giving you a fantastic opportunity to find love this Valentine’s Day.

And when you do meet somebody new, why not take advantage of video streaming website Vimeo, breaking the ice and enjoying fun, entertaining or romantic clips with your date.

What apps will you be using on Valentine’s Day? Leave a comment and let us know.