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February 14, 2014

Poll: Which Nokia camera feature is your favourite?

With smartphone cameras that lead the way in terms of technology, and a raft of fantastic imaging apps and features, there’s a lot to love when it comes to photography on your Nokia Lumia.

However, we want to know which Nokia camera feature is your favourite.

The camera apps you use on your Nokia Lumia can make all the difference to the results you get; from moving images in Cinemagraph, to changing the focal point of a shot using Nokia Refocus.


There’s so much you can do to get creative, including downloading new apps from the Windows Phone Store, such as Glam Me that helps you to create fun and unusual self portraits.

Or how about the new Nokia Storyteller app that organises your photographs by time, date and location? Previously only available for the Lumia 2520 and Lumia 1520, Storyteller is now available for a wider range of Lumias following the Black update.

We’re not just talking about the camera apps you use the most, either. Maybe there’s an app that you only use once a month, but simply love the results?

Let us know by taking part in the poll below, picking your favourite app and telling us why in the comments.