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February 14, 2014

Poll Results: What’s your favourite Windows Phone music app?

The Windows Phone Store has tons of music apps, the million dollar question is which one tops your charts?

That’s what we asked you last week in our Windows Phone music app poll. Hundreds of you voted and dozens more commented. Now, we’ve officially closed the poll it’s time to share the results. So, without further ado, here are your top five Windows Phone apps in reverse order of popularity.

Spotify – 5th place –  (5.58%)

If you’ve got a Spotify Premium account you can use the mobile version of this massively popular service: browse their huge library of tunes, create playlists, stream music or take your playlists out for a trip in offline mode. Alter a playlist on your phone and it’ll sync to your account. Although Spotify Premium isn’t free (there’s a monthly subscription charge), it’s well worth it, what with the size of their catalogue and the multi-platform nature of it. You can trial it for 48 hours – we bet you’ll be hooked.


Pandora – 4th place – (5.76%)

A relative newcomer to the Windows Phone Store, Pandora is a personalized audio service; tell it your song, composer, artist, or even comedian, and Pandora will create a custom station just for you. You can create and store up to 100 stations and fine-tune them by giving particular tracks the thumbs up or down. Stick it in the Kids’ Corner and all adult content will get filtered out. It’s free and it’s multiplatform and we’re sure it’ll be a favourite with WP users before long.


Others- 3rd place – (10.97%)

Lots of you suggested other apps for consideration and combined these took the bronze medal position.

“Of these choices, NMR followed closely by Songza – and I have tried them all – you forgot to enter I have been a MOG user for years because of its superior audio quality (the codec + the baud rate) so am a big fan of Beats Music – which Mog has morphed into.” dgduris

“I subscribe to Wimp, an excellent service…” Faragondk

“Deezer is a good app, which i changed to from spotify since they didn’t support wp8 as much.”  Skanic

“I like offline music and i found Music Player Pro in the store. it’s fantastic, the best in my opinion!” Frank

Xbox Music – 2nd place (21.76%)

Xbox Music is the Windows Phone Store app of the native client baked into your Nokia Lumia which allows you to can explore, stream and download millions of songs on your device.  The biggest difference between the two is the ability to create playlists and then have them sync to your account to other devices. This is especially useful if you have a range of Windows devices.


Nokia MixRadio – 1st place  (44.78%)

Hey, an obvious choice, but, in our humble opinion, it really does the business. Hundreds of specially-curated playlists that you can stream and download for free – what’s not to love? Plus the app can assess your tastes based on the music stored on your phone and then create a mix especially for you, and you can check for locals gigs, gets artist info, search for other available tracks by that artist… It’s the app that keeps on giving.


And here are the result in full.


So, a pretty resounding victory for Nokia Mix Radio. Needless to say, we’re super happy to hear you’re loving it as much as us, but we’re still somewhat surprised by the scale of the victory. But, what about you?  Did you expect Nokia Mix Radio to romp home in such fine style? Let us know down below.