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February 17, 2014

Nokia Lumia Icon: A wireless life

The Nokia Lumia Icon is the latest handset to launch on Verizon, and is packed with all the wireless features you’ll ever need. From blisteringly fast connection speeds, to wireless charging, it’s finally time to pack up those cables and live a completely wire-free life.

Wi-Fi and 4G

The Nokia Lumia Icon boasts both 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity, meaning you can enjoy the fastest download and web browsing speeds currently possible.

On Verizon, that means average 4G download speeds of 14.3Mbps, allowing web pages to load quickly and smoothly, and you can always switch to Wi-Fi for free web browsing when in range of compatible wireless networks.

WirlessIconConnect quickly with NFC

NFC is a neat technology, and it has the ability to reduce complicated setup and sharing with smartphones and other connected devices.

Nokia’s ‘Tap to Share’ function means you’ll be able to share your photographs without the need to go into settings – all you need to do is tap another NFC-enabled handset.

Wireless charging: Such a relief!

Once you start using these features to the max, the battery on the Nokia Lumia Icon will naturally start to drain, but wireless charging means you can top up without even needing to plug in the phone.

Nokia DT-601 Wireless Charging Plate

The Nokia Wireless Charging Plate is a fantastic accessory for the Nokia Lumia Icon, and all you need to do is place the phone on the plate to start charging. No plugging in cables, and you can simply pick the phone up when you need to go. What could be easier?

Nokia CR-200 Wireless Charging Car Holder

With a 5-inch Full HD display, the Lumia Icon is ideal for satellite navigation, and once again the wireless charging feature comes in particularly useful. Simply slip it in the holder, and the Lumia Icon will be charged up while you drive.



Bluetooth may be an older wireless technology, but it’s still incredibly useful, letting you take full advantage of the latest generation of wireless headsets and speakers.

You’ll be also be able to hook up to the JBL PowerUp Wireless Charging Speaker to play your favorite music loud for all to hear while staying powered up.

If you pre-order a Nokia Lumia Icon from any Microsoft Store by March 16, 2014, you will receive a free Nokia Wireless Charging accessory for your new device!

What wireless features are you most excited to use with Nokia Lumia Icon?