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February 17, 2014

How Nokia is making a world of difference at Social Media Week

This week is Social Media Week, and here at Nokia Conversations we’re pretty buzzed!

Why? Well, Nokia is enormously committed to social media, and not simply because we’re all about technological innovation and development, but because we’re able to use that stuff as a way to make a difference in the world. How? Well, first, let’s rewind and take a look at Social Media Week itself.

Social Media Week is a huge worldwide annual event that’s taking place this year across five continents in over twenty-five cities. It’s all to do with the way communication technology acts as a unifying force that shrinks the globe and brings us all into contact with disparate other lives and experiences and how that alters the way we interact with our environments. Hardly surprising then that Alex Oberberg Head of Programs & Markets Engagement, said of the event, ‘Nokia is proud to partner with Social Media Week for the 4th year in the row, bringing together tens of thousands of people to share, listen and collaborate.’

This year’s extravaganza is aiming to investigate the global impact of this shift in human interactions via a hectic program of more than 2,500 events and educational workshops – which is where Nokia comes in!


Teaching 21st century film and photography

One of Nokia’s contributions to the Week’s diary is a two-city event showcasing the work of the world’s finest Instagram and Vine artists. If you’re anywhere near NYC or Milan, head to the #NOWstudio, where these creative experts will be sharing their knowledge with local attendees using Nokia Lumia 1020 handsets – and check out the hashtag to see the results. We’re huge fans of photography and photo-sharing, and the Lumia 1020 with its 41MP camera is a fantastic tool to play with if you’re keen to show the world your skills.

Sharing social media expertise the write way

If you’re closer to Lagos, make sure check out the series of educational masterclasses that Nokia are running there – search for #NOKIAEDU to follow along if you’re further afield, because livestreaming is where it’s at in 2014. The sessions are run by a host of seasoned pros and the agenda is packed full of events that will show exactly how Nokia’s working to make a difference in the field of social media tech. Choose between classes on app-building for Windows Phones, hosted by development folk from Nokia, Microsoft and MoMo; one on one writing for a digital audience, which will no doubt be popular amongst the bloggers and journalists amongst you; a class on using mobile technology to maximize productivity using business tools and apps; and a discussion led by a senior Nokia marketing manager exploring how mobile tech is driving innovation and development in Africa. Each session is at midday local time, so stick it in your calendar.

Nokia Social Media week

Discussing how social media can change a woman’s world

It’s not all limited to tech development, though; a few of Nokia’s especially innovative and thoughtful Social Media Week events have come about through Nokia’s involvement with the ‘Empowering Women’ sessions in Bangalore. Two discussion panels in particular – ‘Women in Media’ and ‘Women Safety – Role of Social Media’ are set to be impassioned, informative and motivating events. Nokia’s Director of Communications for India, the Middle East and Africa, Poonam Kaul, will be one of the panelists for the former event, in which participants will explore how woman can use social and digital media to build businesses and brands and affect social change. Kaul will also take on a female mentee as part of the Moxie Mentorship scheme, demonstrating that this event and Nokia really are committed to real-life action and change. For the second event, ‘Women Safety’, women from online media, social activism, and urban planning and development will talk about issues around social media and safety as they affect female tech users.

Screening an inspiring girl power movie

Panels aside, though, Nokia in Bangalore are also powering a screening of ‘Girl Rising’, a documentary that follows nine women from developing countries as they overcome the odds to pursue their dreams – it’s all about education, folks! If you want to help promote the film’s inspiring message, join in the photo contest and you could win a Lumia 1520 – look for the hashtags #WomenInMedia and #ShesEmpowered.

What more you could you ask for? A fantastic combination of creativity, education and inspiration!

Head on over to the Social Media Week website for more details and to check out Nokia’s other innovative and exciting activities.