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February 17, 2014

Viber Vs WhatsApp: The battle of the messaging apps

Viber and WhatsApp stand out above most messaging apps on Windows Phone 8, helping tens of millions of people around the world stay in touch.

Viber has an attractive, simple design throughout the app

However, if you’re torn between the two, or wondering which app has the most to offer, let our all-out head to head be your guiding light.

What makes each stand out with Nokia fans?

Viber lands the first punch, offering support for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls. Because VoIP calls use a data connection, and you can use your regular Wi-Fi network, you can make completely free calls to other Viber users, wherever they are in the world.

Simply tap one of your contacts – as you would using the People Hub on your Nokia Lumia – and you’ll be taken to their profile page, letting you make a call, send an instant message, email, or call/text their mobile.

Viber is particularly easy to get to grips with, especially when it comes to setting it up. Simply enter your phone number, and Viber will find everybody you know through their phone number. As with WhatsApp, there’s no need to remember additional usernames and passwords – just open the app and off you go.

We also love the quirky design of Viber, with mellow colours used and a cartoon owl that makes an appearance on each of the different panoramas. He may not add anything to the overall usability, but it certainly gives the app a friendly look and feel.

WhatsApp counters with the ability to send voice-message at the tap of a button. Simply press and hold the microphone icon while you chat; let go to stop recording. Tap ‘send’ and the person at the other end gets your message. What could be easier?

WhatsApp makes it easy to add different attachments

It’s easy to view profile information for other WhatsApp members, checking out media content that’s been sent between you, accessing additional contact details, or even sharing these details with other friends. You can also pin contacts to your Start Screen, taking you back to WhatsApp conversations at the tap of a button.

When it comes to media files, click the attachment button and you’ll be able to add images from your photo album, take a new photograph, select and send a video, send existing audio files and share your location details.

Difficult to separate

While the two apps offer plenty of the same features, we think each has its own super skill. Viber wins when it comes to voice calls. WhatsApp is victorious in the realm of text and picture messaging. The one enormous benefit they both have in common is the potential to save you a whole heap of cash – especially when communicating long distance over Wi-Fi.

The fact that each app has its own plus points only makes having the two of them more attractive. With it being so simple to switch between apps, we’d say we have two clear winners.

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