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February 19, 2014

Nokia Lumia Challenge – Landscapes – with a twist!

Another month and another Nokia Lumia Challenge, yes the time has come for everyone to put their best thinking hats on and to get busy in the name of creativity.

If you have been following our Twitter and Instagram accounts you will be familiar with our fun and fantastic #LumiaLandscapes. So far we’ve had from bobsleds to beaches but this month we’re putting a spin on the concept.

We want you to create your own Lumia landscape! That’s right, using your Lumia as an object you can be as creative as you like. What could the device be used as? Well that’s up to you! Your Lumia, your #LumiaLandscape! You don’t have to use plasticine like we do; you can use anything you like.

If you DON’T have a Lumia, you can make it out of paper or whatever you feel like too!

Creativity is what we’re looking for, so an incredible photograph is awesome but it’s not going to blow everybody else’s entries away so keep that in mind when entering.

The winner will receive a beast of a prize in the form of a brand new gargantuan Nokia Lumia 1320 with its HD720 6-inch screen and 4G capabilities.

How to enter? Follow us on our Instagram account and tag your entry with the #NokiaLumiaChallenge by midnight 4th March GMT.

Always read our full T&C’s before entering. Good luck!