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February 20, 2014

Top 100 Nokia Asha Games: Part Three

Over the past fortnight, we’ve brought you 50 of the top 100 Nokia Asha games (check out the top 100 Nokia Asha games part one, and the top 100 Nokia Asha games part two). We’re now onto the next 25, with games to suit all types of Nokia Asha owner.

The best Nokia Asha 500, Asha 502, Asha 503 and Nokia Asha 501 games.

Ultimate Linos Special Edition

A title which sees you take control of Linos Ultimatum, the greatest special agent in the galaxy (so we’re informed), you’ll need to navigate your way round hostile environments, keeping hidden from enemy agents. If they see you, it’s game over. The graphics are impressive and the controls are simple, helping you to concentrate on what matters – enjoying the gameplay.

Jumping Hero

We absolutely love this game, where you’ll control a penguin and try to get him to jump as high as possible. There are different platforms to jump on as the screen moves upwards, and you’ll need to move left or right to ensure you land on one, picking up things like rocket boosters to make things easier on the way. Miss one of the platforms, and you’ll fall back to the bottom and it’s game over.


Hercules 3D

Hercules 3D is a tough, challenging game with a stunning and distinctive 3D design. You’ll battle enemies that include dragons, Gods and warriors, taking them on with swards and crossbows. Turn from left to right, and time it perfectly to slay your enemies.

3D Moto

If you prefer your racing games on two wheels, 3D Moto is well worth a look, letting you take to the streets and ride like a hooligan. You can control the bike via a sensitive and accurate bar at the bottom of the display, sliding it left or right to steer. You can also use your Nokia Asha’s accelerometer to steer, but we found that a lot tougher.


The aim of Hoof is to combine three or more balls of the same colour, firing new balls into the fray as the current ones work their way around the screen. You’ll need to think on your feet though, with little time to react before you run out of space. When you do get three in a row, they’ll disappear, and the line of balls will retract slightly, giving you a little more time.


Monster Pet

Want your very own virtual pet? Try something a little different from the usual cats and dogs, with the bizarre but charmingly cute monster pet. Once he’s born, it’ll be down to you to feed him, to entertain him and to make sure he goes to sleep on time. Help him out, and he’ll stay happy.

Kill Kill Ant

Kill Kill Ant is one of those beautifully simple games that anybody can play. All you need to do is tap the screen to squash invading ants, with the attacks getting faster and more frenzied as you go. There are no button combinations to worry about, just squash the ant with your finger when it appears, and get ready for the next few.

Bus Tycoon

Bus Tycoon is one of the most satisfying games currently available for your Asha when you get things right, with a lot of attention needed to make sure your customers are happy. You’ll be set different challenges, such as collecting specific amounts of money or getting smiles from customers, and it’s up to you to buy things like bus stops and the right number of buses for particular routes.


Zombie Slash

Zombie Slash is anther game where you don’t need to think about buttons – just wait until the zombies get flung up in the air, and swipe across the screen of your Nokia Asha to slash them in half. It’s a lot of fun, and even more challenging if you’re trying to get a couple at the same time.

Fighter Zone

With simple birds-eye-view graphics, this game runs quickly and smoothly, and it really helps the fun gameplay to shine through. Navigate mazes using the arrow keys, at the same time avoiding running into enemies, and shooting them when you get the chance.

Extreme Quad Bikes Pro

Extreme Quad Bikes Pro gives you the chance to test your mettle in all sorts of conditions, with demanding tracks including snow and covered in obstacles to catch you out. With simple and large buttons to steer, it’s easy to play but you’ll need to practise if you want to come out on top.


Sky Burner 2

This is one of the toughest arcade games we’ve played on Asha, with enemy ships coming in thick and fast, and shooting at you from all angles. Tap the screen to move up and down, left and right, and try to avoid enemy flack. The game looks good, and it’s fun to play, too.

Air Force

The arcade-style play and overhead view make this game similar in principle to Fighter Zone, controlling your fighter plane by tapping the area of the screen you want to go. We love the graphics, and trying to dodge bullets, missiles, bombs and other objects makes it a challenging game to master.


A reworked version of the classic Space Invaders game, UFOInvaders is every bit as much fun. Dodge left and right, and fire at enemy craft as they get ever lower on your screen. What could be more fun?


Hit The Beaver

A virtual take on Whack-a-mole, you’ll need quick reactions to hit the beaver that pops up on your Nokia Asha. All you need to do is wait for it to pop its head out of one of the holes, tapping it when it appears, but make sure you get the right hole.

Extreme Traffic Chaos

Extreme Traffic Chaos is a fun but at times absurdly tricky game, where you help to control traffic at a busy crossroads. Stop cars and trucks in their tracks, or speed them on their way, just make sure they avoid things coming from other directions. With traffic flying at you from all sides, Extreme Traffic Chaos is action-packed and a lot of fun.

Underwater Saga

Underwater Saga feels similar to a couple of different games, and it’s all the better because of it. You’ll need to get three bubbles in a row, but an element of pinball is also thrown into the mix, letting you fire and aim new bubbles at the game. When you get three in a row, they pop and disappear, with the aim being to get as many combinations as possible and get rid of all the bubbles.


Shoot Scorpions

With Scorpions falling down from the top of the screen, all you need to do in this game is move your gun and press to shoot. It’s simple but effective, and surprisingly addictive.

Monkey Balloon Tower Defence

The aim of Monkey Balloon Tower Defence is to pop the balloons before they can reach the end of the track. Be warned, though, there’s a lot of them, so you’ll need to think carefully about where you position your monkeys. There are several different types of monkey, too, with some animals capable of freezing the balloons, and others popping them with darts, giving you more choice when it comes to dealing with the inflatables.

Snowman VS Sun

Everybody knows that snowmen hate the sun, and this is your chance to make a difference and help out! Help the snowman to beat the sunny conditions with an umbrella, directing it towards the moving sun to stop your snowman from melting.


Snake Safari

Snake Safari may be a simple case of firing the eggs from a snakes mouth and matching them up with similar ones, but it’s painfully addictive. Simply aim and fire – that’s all this game is about – but 30 minutes later and we’re still playing it.

Monster War

Ever flown a dragon before? Now’s your chance, thanks to Monster War, a game which sees you trying to avoid other dragons and monsters, along with rocks and objects that are flung your way. Tap left and right to dodge debris, and try to avoid the other creatures as well.

Magic 8-Ball

Magic 8 Ball can act as your personal fortune teller, offering predictions at the tap of a button. Ask it for any advice, and press the onscreen button to get an answer. Is it worth a download? “Definitely – yes”.


With the Nokia Asha 500, Asha 502, Asha 503 and Nokia Asha 501 games out of the way, let’s look at a couple of games that run on older Asha models.

The perfect games for older Nokia Asha phones

Drag Race Jetski

We love a bit of drag racing, and it looks even better when it’s on water! Drag Race Jetski offers a choice of 36 different jetskis, different locations and a choice of gameplay options – from quickplay to career. This game looks great, and is entertaining enough that you’ll keep coming back for more.

Operation River

Working your way above a river in a plane, it’s time to create mayhem and start shooting everything on the screen. You can collect bombs along the way, helping to increase destructive powers, along with other power-ups, including a turbo mode that lets you escape enemies.

What do you think of these Nokia Asha 500, Asha 502, Asha 503 and Nokia Asha 501 games? Let us know, in the comments below.