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February 21, 2014

Poll results: Your favourite Nokia Camera feature is?

Last week we asked you what your favourite Nokia Camera feature is. Apps like Nokia Refocus and Nokia Cinemagraph have the potential to result in some stunning images, so we wanted to know which ones you like the best.

Nokia Storyteller and Nokia Smart Cam proved as popular as each other in our poll, with both options enjoying just more than four per cent of the vote and taking joint third place. Smart Cam is particularly useful for capturing one-in-a-million snaps, taking a series of images rather than one, and letting you pick the best, merge elements from each to remove unwanted objects and create action shots.

And Storyteller may be one of the newer apps on the block, but it’s already proving incredibly popular, thanks to its ability to sort your images into groups based on time, day, location and more.


Nokia Refocus takes second place in our poll, with just under seven per cent of you guys picking the app. Refocus offers some brilliant effects, with the ability to change the area of a photograph that’s in focus, with the rest of the image blurring out artistically. Want to change it again? Just tap a different area of the photograph to refocus.

At number one in our poll, with a staggering 76 per cent of the vote, is Nokia Camera itself. With a vast array of different options, covering everything from manual focus and ISO settings, to a full auto mode, it’s easy to shoot your perfect photograph, and it should come as no surprise that Nokia Camera is so popular.

For the full results of our Nokia Camera poll, check out the image below:


Do you agree with the results, or do you think some of the other features should have come out on top? Leave a comment and let us know.