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March 1, 2014

Our favourite 5 new Windows Phone apps of the week

Can you believe it? February’s reign has already come to a close. So short and yet so action-packed!

How could so brief a month have brought forth so many excellent Windows Phone 8 apps? It’s surely one of the mysteries of the technological world. Nevertheless, we did see a bunch of excellent releases this month, and we hope March will be just as exciting. In the meantime, here’s our final February batch: our top five new and updated Windows Phone apps from the last seven days!


What is it? A weather forecasting app

Why we love it: The app formerly known as Weather+, 4Castr has been revamped – the name change was precipitated a coypright infringement issue, but that’s okay now, and the app itself is super. It’s got a gorgeous clear design, loads of app themes to choose from, ten day and ten hour forecasts, some pretty nifty voice-activated commands and now it’s faster than ever. The (pretty cheap) Pro version gets you a few added extras, like toast notifications, and you can trial these for a limited period in the latest update.

Who it’s perfect for: everyone who likes (or hates) the weather


What is it? A rock music streaming service

Why we love it: If you like rock, you’ll be happy here: sign up and you get access to forty curated playlists of classic and contemporary rock, compiled by actual fans rather than algorithms. It’ll run in the background so you can multitask, and you can set up a sleep timer and separate preferences for wifi and cellular data so you don’t mess up your billing. Like everything these days, there’s integrated sharing options. Pay a few quid a month to get rid of the ads or put up with them for a free service. Either way the best and most important bit is the music: rock on!

Who it’s perfect for: music fans


What is it? An app that provides background images for the Lumia Glance screen

Why we love it: You’ll have to have a Lumia phone for this to be any real use to you – other WP phones can download the app, but they won’t have the Glance screen to play with. And Lumia owners, you’ll need to have the Glance Background Beta app installed. All that done, though, it’s a pretty neat way of adding images to jazz up your phone’s ‘rest’ screen – it brings with it an absolute mountain of images to make your Lumia even snazzier than it already was…

Who it’s perfect for: People who like to jazz up their screens


CBS Sports

What is it? A multi-sports news app

Why we love it: A pretty comprehensive sports info app from the United States, this has been out a little while but we haven’t seen an update until now. It covers football (NFL, NCAA), baseball (MLB), basketball (NBA, NCAA) and hockey (NHL) and gives live score and stat updates, team standings and news articles – so far, so good. Now, though, it’s got live video and a ‘My Team’ function, making it a really solid all-rounder.

Who it’s perfect for: US sports fans


Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse: Alpha

What is it? A 3D shooter game

Why we love it: First off, it’s a graduate of Nokia’s AppCampus programme, a developers’ hothouse, and for now, at least it’s a WP exclusive. Second, llamas have taken over the world! Can you survive? One player, one gun, lots of bullets and lots of llamas – it’s simple and quirky, but very addictive. There’s six levels across three post-apocalyptic cities all rendered in really brilliant graphics. The update has made it more responsive and less crash-prone on lower memory devices, so everyone can have fun.

Who it’s perfect for: Gamers, but not *very* young ones.