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March 5, 2014

Five ways to use Nokia Beamer

Nokia Beamer is a great app for displaying whatever is on your Nokia Lumia to a big screen.

You only need to find that one reason – that suits your needs – to love Nokia Beamer, but we’ve found five:

Present to the room


With Microsoft Office Mobile right out-of-the-box you can get to work in writing that Word document, calculating the figures in an Excel spreadsheet, or graphing it all up using PowerPoint.

Then, when you’re ready, present your work to the whole team on the big screen right from your phone.

Holiday snaps

Been away somewhere nice? Want to show the whole family each and every photo? Of course you do.

Rather than huddle around your Lumia, sit them down on the couch, provide drinks and snacks, then spend the next hour flicking through those wonderful memories on your TV.


Big-screen browsing

Instead of spending hours browsing the Web with your face pointing downwards, lift that chin and surf with ease and comfort on a larger screen.

Initiate Nokia Beamer, load your browser, and face forwards. Save that neck ache.

Go global


Whatever you share, you can do it by either creating a QR code on your phone for people in close proximity, or by sending somebody a secure unique URL.

By navigating to that URL, you can share your screen with people miles away.

Real-time video

What if you’re looking to buy a new apartment or house with your partner, but only one of you can make the viewing? They’ll undoubtedly want to see the new place and will be disappointed they missed out.

Activate Nokia Beamer, forward on the unique URL, and then switch on the phone’s camera. Hey presto! It’ll almost be as if they’re in the room.

Can you think of any more ways to use Nokia Beamer? Share them with us below.

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