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March 5, 2014

Nokia Lumia Challenge: landscapes winner

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks with green ducks flying all over the place, MWC in Barcelona and the launching of some superb new Nokia phones. But we’ve not forgotten about our Nokia Lumia Challenge and it’s time to share the results with you!

First up we have dhanvipatel15, he’s created a perfect take of a Lumia letter being posted. Who do you think the letter is for?

1 (2)

This creative piece turns a Lumia 525 (I think) into a rather cool little chess board. This nice little landscape is by samarthtake. Well done!

1 (3)

Here we have a some Photoshop being thrown into the mix. It’s not against the rules to use Photoshop, the brief was to be creative and create a Lumia landscape, so well done viraldamar for thinking outside of the box.

1 (4)

Calling everybody to the dance floor! Here olddevil77 has done a brilliant job creating miniature DJ and turntables, with the Lumia as the focus of the landscape. Great work!

1 (5)

We knew it would happen with this challenge! Nobody wasted any time in getting out their LEGO, we know you don’t really need an excuse but this is as good as any! Well done wajon68 on your contribution.

1 (6)

We really like this entry by stunningmoon. Cool little Despicable Me minions play air hockey, what’s not to like! Great job.

1 (7)

More LEGO fun from freshpixgav with his cool winter skiing scene, lovely stuff!

1 (8)

I personally wanted to include this one as I think it shows something different and unexpected. Is this a road or a game? It feels like a landscape, a world created in Lumia tiles. And I love it! Well done noman_quadri.

1 (9)

Here’s a landscape that’s really going for it, Lumia’s towering over the cityscape with the Eiffel tower in the middle, brilliant. Very well created imawesh.

1 (11)

This one from jp_bats brings back old memories as I remember these characters from my childhood! It’s a really fun landscape and I especially love the use of the camera lens as an ice fishing hole!

1 (12)

Another great piece of Photoshop work, this time from previous Nokia Lumia Challenge: Vine winner damardhaval. If anybody can tell me what the real life version of this landscape is we’ll send you a Nokia Connects NFC pen!

2 (2)

Dhaval made his own creation out of paper and Lumia boxes and phones too though, a solid effort, well done!

1 (10)

These last three series of images are the best of the bunch. This is where it started to get difficult for us to judge! First up da_mummy, who dressed up dolls with the Lumia as a mirror and a picture on the wall really brought a new angle to the challenge. Thoroughly enjoyed these two, great work!

3 (2)
2 (3)

I’m not a fan of golf but that doesn’t matter. This landscape from da_mummy is really cool and just a great idea, love the plasticine model too!


This wouldn’t be a creative Nokia Lumia Challenge without a feature on John Paul’s (polturtle) work! He has created an amazing Angry Birds landscape. Catapult, birds, pigs, Lumia… what more could you ask for? We absolutely love the detail in this one. Well done John Paul.

2 (4)
3 (3)
1 (14)

Finally we have our winner Ganesh (175ganeshpawara)! All of your entries were amazing but we feel these had an extra wow factor to them. Especially the final Angry Bird landscape in this series of three. They are bright, inventive and colourful and we really enjoyed every one of them. Please join me in congratulating Ganesh in winning this competition and thank you to everybody who took the time out of your day to share your creations with us. We look forward to sharing them across Nokia social channels in the coming weeks!

Ganesh please drop me an email to claim your Lumia 1320 prize. Everybody featured here can email me too and we’ll send you some cool Nokia Connects goodies too! Stay tuned for the next Nokia Lumia Challenge everyone!