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March 6, 2014

5 Surface Tips & Tricks to Personalize and Get to Know Your Surface

Today we’re sharing a few of our favorite Surface tips and tricks. We feel that they are fun and useful to help make your Surface experience a great one.

1. Pin your favorite artist, album, or radio station to your Start Screen – Begin by searching for your favorite artist or album or opening your radio stations in Xbox Music.

You’ll notice on the right hand side of the artists’ profile picture an icon that looks like a push-pin. Click the icon to pin the artist or album to your Start Screen. Right click on radio stations to get the same option.

Once you’ve hit Pin to Start you’ll see the artist, album or radio station on your Start Screen.

2. How to close an app- you can quickly close an app by swiping from the top of your screen all the way to the bottom. You’ll know you’ve got it when you see the app close. It’s worth noting that leaving apps open for future access doesn’t affect the performance of your Surface – they’re designed to be easily accessible.

3. Are you left handed? If you want to change the settings on your Surface to left handed orientation, swipe from the right, select Search and then type  “Specify which hand you write with” in the text box and select the control panel option that comes up  to a left handed layout. It will prompt you through the process, which is very easy.

4. Personalize your Surface with a fun picture password. Swipe in from the right edge of your screen, tap Settings, and then tap Change PC settings. Tap Accounts, and then Sign-in options. Under Picture password, tap Add. You’ll sign in with your Microsoft account info, then follow the steps on the screen to choose a picture and pick your gestures.

5. How to lock screen orientation- If you want to keep your screen from re-orienting itself as you move your Surface around, press  Windows Key + O, which will do the trick!

We hope you enjoy these fun Surface tips and tricks, stay tuned for more to come!

The Surface Team