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March 6, 2014

Goodridge rallies for faster business with Lumia

Goodridge, a manufacturer of fluid transfer systems for motorsports racing teams, trialled the Nokia Lumia smartphone range to see how they could help them work better and smarter.

Dynamic and privately owned, Goodridge manufacture across ten facilities globally and supplies customers around the world with a unique combination of design, innovation, reliability and outstanding service.

Constantly driving to enhance performance and quality, Goodridge trialled Nokia Lumia as a solution for more efficient business across departments. They were keen to see what Nokia Lumia has to offer beyond the email-centric usage scenarios and capabilities provided by the devices they were currently using.

The Verdict

As a result of the experience with Nokia Lumia Goodridge are currently making the switch from Blackberry:

“Our previous phones were ok for email alone, but that was about it, whereas now with the Nokia phone, it’s very good, we can use it on a daily basis as a PC pretty much. It is as good as a desktop!” Martin Taylor, Marketing Manager, Goodridge

Watch the Goodridge testimonial video for their direct feedback:

Plenty of reasons to celebrate


With staff working across different office locations and on the factory floor, communication is an essential part of the Goodridge’s business. The company has found that Nokia Lumia empowers their teams to work more efficiently across all departments. What’s more, with built-in Microsoft Office on Nokia Lumia has allowed team members to work on-the-go, accessing, editing and sharing documents across teams, departments and geographies conveniently.

Goodridge camera and parts

Travel from site to site and between client meetings needs to be seamless. Happily, with HERE Drive voice-guided turn by turn navigation that works also offline the journey between destinations is simple and hassle-free.The Goodridge IT Department has also found several benefits to deploy Nokia Lumia for business. As the company already have a Microsoft IT infrastructure, the set up with Nokia Lumia was quick and painless.

“Because of all the functionality that comes with the Nokia Lumia, users saw the move to Windows Phone 8 as a breath of fresh air. It allows greater communication between members of staff.” says Alex Nagy, an IT Engineer at Goodridge. “It’s handy we don’t have to worry about things like antivirus due to the closed nature of the Windows operating system. Nokia Expert Centre has also been a great help, assisting us on the Lotus Notes email support and other business solutions, making the switch easy and painless.”

Are you an IT manager? If so, why not sign yourself and your company up for a trial, by contacting us on Twitter using #switchtolumia. Company trial availability is dependent upon demand. Alternatively, find out more about Nokia Lumia for business here. And if your company has already made the switch to Lumia we’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.