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March 6, 2014

Nokia MWC14 – a wrap-up!

For those who have been in a cave for the last 2 weeks, MWC14 was a historic event for Nokia with the announcement of our first android-incorporating devices, the Nokia X-series alongside winning of a number of awards.

With Nokia and Nokia Connects, connecting people is a massive part of what we do. Nokia have been and will forever be a brand that has a great community. Because of this, it makes sense to take a number of your enthusiastic and all-round knowledgeable-selves to events such as MWC14 in the grand city of Barcelona to experience the excitement and give back some of the love that you show us.

But what does it mean to those that attend? Well let’s find out…..

‘It is always astonishing and a privilege to be invited to any event by Nokia. It’s very kind of Nokia and the Nokia Connects team to connect with people directly in their community. I look forward to the experience of the new devices and announcements but now more so connecting with the other Nokia minded people, from Nokia’s own staff to their other fans that Nokia have invited.’ – Jay Montano

‘It’s like being part of a family: Nokia involves youmaking you really part of the story. This is more than an invite.’ – Emanuela Zaccone

‘It was a surprise and affirmation that Nokia values the inputs, insights and influence of bloggers like me’. – Abe Orlandres 

Here are Abe’s thoughts on the new Nokia X-Series


Attendees all received a limited edition white Nokia Connects t-shirt – don’t worry guys we still have a few left which will be competition prizes in the near future!

A large part of the event is obviously the announcements and the excitement both on and offline resulted in a great amount of talk around Nokia. Our attendees welcomed them with open arms and are intrigued by what the future might hold…

‘I am very curious about the way developers will move’. – Lester Chan

Here are some of Lester’s great shots of the new Asha series

‘Everyone I meet has always been saying that Nokia should totally release Android phones instead of WP. I just hope we get to see the X series grow better and stronger to be on par with the Lumia then Nokia will definitely reign the mobile market with 2 strong OSes. – Jason Goh

‘I think Nokia XL has bright history but on emerging markets Nokia X+ and X could easily become bestsellers. Nokia’s version of Android looks fresh, it’s fast as far as I could see and you have lots of apps to install’. – Jay Montano

Saad Hamid tweets his excitement…


The guys and girls get to grips with the new Nokia X-Series and meet members of the Nokia Development team.

See Ashish’s opinion on the XL model in the video below.

Aside from the announcements there’s always a personal touch whenever we attend an event and take some of our community to meet key Nokia employees who are helping to drive us to new places via different avenues sit down and talk through their processes, inspirations and answer questions so that our attendees can receive key insights.

‘It’s great to see Nokia as people and not just a big company. I found the Nokia team members and developers quite hospitable, friendly and warm’. – Yasmin

‘Nokia is a standalone company in my experience in how much it involves and listens to its customer base and lets them be involved.’ – Martyn

‘Meeting important team members means a lot. It’s always a pleasure to see the passion and the people of Nokia. I find it really inspiring to see people doing the things they love and because they love it, they do it so well.’ – Jay Montano

Being able to meet the people who created those amazing apps I use everyday is just like meeting the artists from a movie. We got to share some thoughts and discussed on how to improve the apps as well!’  – Jason Goh


Speaking of getting to meet important people, Patrick Hamilton Walsh was lucky enough to bump into Stephen Elop for a quick Lumia-selfie!


Lester Chan, KB & Jay Montano thoroughly enjoying themselves above, and below the most infamous character at the event….


(Photo by Joao Luis Costa)

As you can see from their words and photographs our community had one hell of a time in Barcelona at MWC14!

I’ll leave you with some words from Raju

‘It was a pleasure being with Nokia at MWC 2014. You folks were awesome hosts. Keep rocking!’

Indeed we will Raju, indeed we will!