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March 11, 2014

LumiaInFocus: Carl Zeiss trip – wrap Up

There are some great mobile photographers out there, all of whom are doing incredible things with mobile phones and for some time now at Nokia Connects – we’ve been thinking about how to go about celebrating and rewarding these people. You’ll already know that we love great photos, publishing the most amazing photography taken by you guys – the Nokia Connects community – so it was only natural that we decided to take this up a notch.

What we did was assemble a group of unstoppable Instagram fanatics, armed them with a Lumia 1020 each and sent them to the beautiful Oberkochen in Germany to visit the Carl Zeiss factory where the Lumia 1020 lenses are made. They had a fantastic time and the pictures they took were just incredible. They learnt all about the magnificence of the camera and we even included a trip round Munich for them so they could show off their skills. To see all the action, go check out the #LumiaInFocus hashtag on Instagram now.

That’s enough from me for now though, best we let the team tell the story themselves…

@bobbyanwar begins the story with this great shot of the start of his journey:

bobbyanwar_Carl Zeiss_Instagram


“I walked out the door at 05:45 this morning in Copenhagen. I headed out for the airport to travel to Aalen in Germany… Invited by @Nokia. I’ve been testing the Lumia 1020 and the camera has blown me away…”

It’s fair to say, better weather awaited the guys than @xantheb experienced at take-off…



We even sent a dinosaur along for the journey. @osnuflaz brings his buddy T-Rex wherever he goes.


Next thing they knew – everyone was off to beautiful Aalen. Take off!



On landing, the group quickly became best friends. As @these_dreams highlights in this Lumia Lovin’ group selfie:


The team wasted no time and got straight to exploring!


And of course – the night finished with a much deserved dinner!

The next morning – everyone re-grouped and it was off to visit the world-famous Carl Zeiss factory:





There was even some time for posing…


The next day, it was off to Munich quickly before heading home.




@Kapstand was having a lot of fun… So much so that he had decided to do a handstand… one-handed!


All good things must (sadly) come to an end and so, it was time to travel home again…


Some incredible pictures were taken by some incredible people. One question does remain to be answered though – what did they make of the Lumia 1020?


 “Really don’t want to send the Lumia back! The screen is so big and it’s such a good camera.”@these_dreams 

“I hope you have enjoyed the photos from the Lumia 1020 as much as I have taking them.”@flightster

“The colours are so vibrant and there are some really cool features like creating action shots… which is great fun with my active boys.”@xantheb on her blog.

So that’s a resounding thumbs-up from team #LumiaInFocus then? I’d say we’re pretty chuffed with that! So glad you enjoyed it guys!

Aside from the incredible pictures produced and taken – the level of friendship and respect between the Instagramers was a true delight. The sense of community is something we pride ourselves on at @Nokia_Connects and we would like to think that this group will be friends for a long time. As @flightster noted:

“The varied portfolio of who attended made the event unique and helped to fuel the inspiration of photos that you bear witness to.”

@Nokia_Connects would like to express a huge thank you to our Instagram #LumiaInFocus team. I’m sure everyone will agree that they are a truly talented bunch and we will be following your progress with a keen eye from now on.

If you would like to follow the group’s adventures on Instagram, their handles, in no particular order, are: @miss_jess, @davidangell, @flightster, @crisss, @bobbyanwar @hypoison, @these_dreams, @chaiwalla, @vincentchapters, @xantheb, @mattbooy, @ettisi, @kapstand and @osnuflaz.

Oh – and of course, don’t forget to follow the @Nokia_Connects Instagram either! We’ve been posting lots of great pictures from the trip.

One more thing… If you’ve been inspired by the group’s amazing photography skills and you’re lucky enough to live in Boston or London, we’ll be holding an Instagram meetup where you can trial the Lumia 1020 for the day and have your pictures posted on the Nokia Conversations blog! More details coming soon – so keep an eye out.

Image credits: @miss_jess, @davidangell, @flightster, @crisss, @bobbyanwar @hypoison, @these_dreams, @chaiwalla, @vincentchapters, @xantheb, @mattbooy, @ettisi, @kapstand and @osnuflaz.