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March 11, 2014

Nokia X family in the Fastlane

Fastlane isn’t new; it has adorned the Nokia Asha series since the 501. Here’s a closer look at how it works on the brand new Nokia X family.

The home screen on the Nokia X is split into two sections. The main screen houses all of your apps and phone features. Swipe to the left or right, or tap the back button, and Fastlane will slide into view.

Fastlane is your one-stop shop to everything you’ve done, doing, or are about to do, it is the fastest way to access all your favourite apps. We recommend you set up all of your email accounts and social networks first, as well as importing any contacts, to experience the best of what Fastlane has to offer.

By default, Fastlane displays your latest activity. If you’ve recently played a game, like Plants Vs Zombies 2, sent a message via BBM, or accessed an app, it will show up here.


Scrolling down the page will reveal the other actions you’ve taken, in chronological order.

However, scroll up to the top – beyond the recent activities – and you’ll see the future. Not the actual future, that would make you some kind of time-lord, but upcoming events marked in your calendar. Tap any upcoming event, meeting or note to bring up more details.

Additionally, jump directly into any app or game by tapping it, right from inside Fastlane.

While the home screen will display missed calls and messages, they also appear in Fastlane. The benefit here is that you’ll see part of the message with a reply button, which enables you to respond speedily. They don’t call it Fastlane for nothing…


With so many fun and productive things to do on your Nokia X, Fastlane can fill up pretty quickly. To remove any item, tap and hold it before pressing the small red cross.

If there are certain items or events you don’t want pushed to Fastlane, you have customisation options in the Settings menu. Don’t want any notifications? Flip the on-screen switch to off. Just want certain notifications? Dig deeper into the settings to pick out what’s really important to you, making use of the plethora of tick-boxes.

For example, you might want BBM notifications on your Fastlane, but not Opera. It’s your call and the beauty of Fastlane; personalise it to your individual needs.

Once you’re in the Fastlane, you’ll want to stay in it.