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March 11, 2014

Ways to make sweet music on your Nokia Lumia

Thanks to the incomparable music libraries within apps like Nokia MixRadio, Spotify, iHeartRadio and newcomer, Beats Music, Lumia-lovers will never have to go far without their favourite tunes.

But what about those smartphone users who’re focused on creating the next hit? Well the Windows Phone Store has plenty of options available to assist you in harnessing those creative urges, whenever an idea presents itself.

Here are five apps to help you lay down some phat beats.

Beats Yo!


One of the original and best Windows Phone apps in this sector, Beats Yo is a great place to start for all budding mobile musicians. This free app serves up an advanced 16-pad drum kit and allows users to record and loop four bars of dope sounds over a pre-selected track. You can also play your creation using the Nokia Lumia’s Music app.

Beats Yo



Do you ever feel like recreating the glory of the 8-bit gaming era by producing your own soundtrack? Well, say hello to the awesome and free BitSyth. It’s a simple synthesiser inspired by the “blips and bleeps” of old school gaming classics of yesteryear. You can tilt the device to alter the pitch and shake it to add your own effects. Before you know it, you’ll be the next Koji Kondo!



Another badass synthesiser app, Grantophone is one of the most fun and simplest ways to create tunes on your Nokia Lumia. With an innovate table-style layout, featuring four octaves, users can easily slide their fingers to new notes, play multiple notes and (thanks to multi-touch) and even enjoy a little vibrato action thanks to the Lumia’s built-in accelerometer.



Synthpling in pic 2

Both a synthesiser and a sampler, Synthpling! has a velocity sensor that’s able to detect how hard you’re pressing the keys. There’s a piano, classic guitar, xylophone, custom voice editor that’ll help you stay in tune and even the almighty recorder. In terms of effects, there’s delay, distortion, reverb and a host more customisable settings for you to play with and, of course everything can be recorded for posterity.



Accurate Tuner


If you still prefer playing music on an actual instrument, rather than a touchscreen, the aptly-named Accurate Tuner has a great ear for a note and can help you finely tune more than 126 difference instruments; from the charango to the cello. If your guitar is your soul mate, you may prefer the simpler Guitar Tuner app

Accurate Tuner in pic1

Do you use your Lumia to create music? We’d love to know how. Let us know!