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March 12, 2014

GetMeRated speaks to the Selfie-Generation

Where do you make friends or meet new people? Chances are, if you’re a “millennial” (between 14 and 25 years of age), you might be making friends online just as easily as you would face-to-face. But you certainly don’t want to do it in a creepy, stalker-ish way…

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an app for that? Say hello to “GetMeRated” (aka GMR), and discover an entirely new way to socialize and make new friends.

GMR is a dream come true for anyone who enjoys sharing his/her life through photos. People using the app will post selfies, talk about their plans for the day, ask for advice, and more.


What do you think?

The app is set up so you can simply ask the global community of GMR users a question, in the form of “What do you think of my …” And then you fill in the blank, and include a picture as a point of reference.

The community will let you know what they think! They can like or love your picture, and of course post comments about what you have shared.

“The positive nature of the community and the very personal and real relationships that people create, through sharing their lives, is what keeps them coming back,” said Duncan McLaren, Co-Founder at Difference Lab (the company behind the app). “When users post a photo, they check back often to see the response for a feel-good boost. They will then get  involved in one-on-one conversations (via direct messaging) and want to keep up to date on the new friends they have made.”


The nature of the app is perfectly tuned for mobile use all day long. And, it also includes “discovery” options to find new people nearby, random pictures and of course see what’s most popular, too.

“Our users love finding new people to talk with, exchange ideas and even debate! They have told us it makes them feel like they truly belong to something bigger and gives them immense validation from connecting with like-minded people who they otherwise never would have known existed,” said Duncan.

A multi-platform approach to sharing

The GMR app is free to download and available for multiple platforms, including Windows Phone and Asha device users.

In fact, GMR was launched on Windows Phone before iOS and Android, and according to Duncan, “about one third of our users are on Windows Phone and Asha. Windows Phone is currently our second largest user base after iOS.”

The Asha version of the app has language localization options for users, whereas the app is only available in English on the other platforms at this time. The Asha platform is also ad-supported, and all versions of the app include options for in-app purchases where you can buy “credits” to access premium features within the app.


Those credits are a virtual currency within GMR. You can earn credits by having the photos that you post be voted on, rated or liked. Those ‘likes’ also count toward your score within the app. If you can’t wait, you can purchases credits, too.

What’s next for GMR?  

According to Kelsey Greenberg, one of the other founders at Difference Lab, “Companies often make the error of thinking that adding new features will always make the product better. We want to make all of our current features the best they can be before we start to add new ones. That said, we do have many ideas to make sharing that much easier in the future.”

Expanding on that idea, Duncan adds: “We have many exciting developments that we have on the roadmap for GMR that we cannot wait to roll out. These include updating the chat feature to make it real time, providing an awesome experience for our users. We will also add the chat feature to the Asha app.”

If you have any questions about using the app, there are good Windows Phone FAQs on the GMR website.

What do you think of GMR? Share your thoughts in the Comments below.