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March 12, 2014

Nokia 220: unboxing the Gameloft games

The Nokia 220 is Nokia’s most affordable internet-ready phone to date and it comes pre-loaded with these six great Gameloft games right out of the box.


Asphalt 6 Adrenaline

Not your ordinary racing game, your mission to win races by fair means and foul. Choose any one of the 42 licensed vehicles and nudge, push, or ram your opponents out of the way to victory.

The special weapon in your arsenal? A nitrous oxide speed injection whenever you press ‘adrenalin mode’. Great fun.

Assassin Creed

Travel through time and become a member of an ancient species of assassins as you take on the Knights Templar.

Your adventures will see you free running through old streets, climbing over walls, leaping between buildings and stealthily taking out anybody who stands in your way.

Block Breaker 3

As with the previous two titles in this block-breaking series, you’re armed with a paddle with which to deflect the bouncing ball against a giant wall of bricks.

Much like the retro classic, Arkanoid, each time you hit a brick the ball will bounce back. Clear the bricks and you’ll move onto a more taxing level.

Repetitive, addictive fun at its best.

Brain Challenge 3

Sure, it’s fun to just push some buttons and hope for the best, but when a game challenges your thinking, you’d hope it’s positively better for you in the long run. Brain challenge does exactly that – stimulates the grey matter.

Divided into four categories – logic, math, visual, and focus – this game will make your brain sweat as you play and learn.


Modern Combat 2

War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Unless you’re playing the action-packed Modern Combat 2 that sees you arming up, locking and loading, and heading out into the virtual battlefield to survive 11 levels of intense warfare.

Good luck, soldier!

Real Football 2013

The excitement is high, the stadium is full and you’re playing the game of your life. When the time is right, strike! GOOOOAAALL! Victory is yours. When you’ve stopped dreaming, take control of your on-screen team and re-live your best-ever match with Real Football 2013.

There we have it, some top-quality games from Gameloft that you’ll be able to play on your Nokia 220 the moment you take it out the box.

What’s going to be your favourite?