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March 13, 2014

Using Surface to Reach your Health and Fitness Goals

Gabe Aguilar-Gamez is a personal trainer and fitness expert. He’s using Surface to do more by tracking his exercises, training with his clients, and is able to be mobile and productive from anywhere as he teaches outdoor classes and takes Surface with him. We chatted with Gabe and asked him a little more about how he’s using Surface and why it’s making a positive difference for him in his personal training and working with his clients.


How did you get into personal training? Has health and fitness been something you’ve always been passionate about?
I got into personal training because I have always enjoyed helping people any way I can. Thanks to my education and my passion for sports and fitness, being a personal trainer allows me to help others reach their fitness goals and help change their lives!

What are the fitness apps you use for yourself and your clients?
The apps I prefer for myself and my clients are Gym Guide, Fitness Programs, and Daily Workouts. All three of these apps allow me to find different workouts or exercises quickly while still pinpointing the muscle groups that are being focused on. What separates the apps from each other is the environment where you will be exercising. The Gym Guide app is meant to help guide you in a place where every exercise equipment is at your fingertips, like the gym, not everyone has time to go to the gym or just don’t like going to the gym. The Fitness Programs app allows a person to follow a variety of different video workouts from weight loss, to sports performance, or even by specific body parts. This allows one to be able to see and follow along with a health professional and get the specific workout they are looking for. I use a physioball in my personal life and I wanted to expand my knowledge of the true potential of my exercise equipment. The Daily Workouts app helped me perform different workouts/exercises that I have never done before.

Which Surface accessories are you using for personal training?
The one accessory I use the most is the Touch Cover, it helps me perform tasks easily in my everyday life.

How are you using the video camera on your Surface for personal training?The video camera on the Surface allows the client to see themselves workout much like if they were to work out in front of a mirror. One might feel as if they are performing an exercise correctly when in fact they are not. This allows me and the client to analyze their video so we can work together to find the appropriate solution for a better overall experience.

Favorite work out/pump up song to exercise to?
Right now I get in the zone when Kid Cudi’s ‘Just what I Am’ or ‘Immortal’ comes on. Also any Kendrick Lamar jams!

How has having Surface helped you better your client’s personal training experience with you and helped you do more?Surface has helped out with providing variety for my clients. No one likes to do the same workout out routine especially if they are paying someone to work them out. The apps I have found on Surface have helped me with providing a better and different experience every time I worked with a client.

Can you give us one quick fitness tip?
Exercising, although it is important, is not the only way to achieve your fitness goals. Proper nutrition is all so the other key to your success. Eat right and you will perform well in and out of the gym!

Describe Surface in 3 words?
Life. Changing. Experience. Boom! (Sorry, that’s 4)

Is the kickstand something that’s been really useful to you?
I use the kick stand every day I use Surface, it’s awesome!

Anything else you’d like to share with us on how you’re using Surface for health and fitness?
The Surface has been the greatest tool for me in obtaining information or watching Duck Football! I couldn’t ask for more! GO DUCKS!!

Emilie Bridon
Surface Senior Digital Marketing Manager