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March 14, 2014

Depth charge! Nokia Refocus rolls out to all Lumias

The popular, powerful and eye-popping camera app is now available for Lumia smartphones running Windows Phone 8.

Since its launch last November, Nokia Refocus has proved to be a hot imaging app. At Conversations, we’re continually astounded by the creativity you show generating great ‘shoot first, focus later’ photography.

Initially available for anyone with a Lumia PureView smartphone, from today the latest Refocus update will allow all Lumia owners sporting Windows Phone 8 to have a piece of the varifocal action.

We spoke to Jens Eggert, Nokia’s Lead Program Manager for Refocus, about the update. He told Conversations:

“As we have seen with the great imaging apps like Nokia Camera before, lots of people have been asking for it and we responded. You spoke, we listened. Now anyone that owns a Lumia can enjoy the power and creativity of Nokia Refocus.”

“It’s another great example of how the Lumia you own today, keeps getting better.”

We asked Jens for his tips on shooting the best Refocus shots:

“To create a great Refocus image, move as close as possible to the object nearest you, get that in focus – between five and ten centimetres – and ensure you’ve got something defined in the background. The best advice, however, is experimentation. Just play, it’s fun!”

Once you’ve captured the perfect shot, use the in-built sharing feature to show off your deep visual creation to your friends. People receiving the image don’t need a Lumia smartphone or the Nokia Refocus app to play with your photo and choose their own focal point. They can even do it via Facebook.

Download or update now by following this link and share your creations with us!