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March 14, 2014

Earth hour: how Nokia is redefining sustainability

At 8.30pm on Saturday 29th March, the lights will go out around the world. Earth Hour started six years ago and has morphed into the world’s most unified message for raising energy and climate-change awareness.

In light of this (no pun intended), we’ve created a collection of short films exploring issues, such as recycling and alternative energies, in a way you’re unlikely to have seen before.

Designed to be informative, fun and a place for insightful discussion to happen, three episodes are already live – view them below – while a couple more are in the pipeline – watch this space…

And, as always, Nokia is showing its support for Earth Hour by switching off lights at all its main office sites around the world.

Clearly we’d love to hear your thoughts on sustainability either here on Conversations, through our official YouTube channel or via our Twitter and Facebook feeds.

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