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March 14, 2014

The return of a Lumia king!

Let me introduce you to a man known on Instagram as ‘Fabio Galaxys’, a former Samsung user who is returning to Nokia because of the quality of Lumia imaging and UX. 

From a small town in the province of Reggio Calabria, southern Italy, Fabio is a former art school student with a keen eye for a fantastic photograph. His home town’s bright, vibrant and luscious surroundings certainly lend themselves to his photographs, but you still have to know how and when to create that perfect capture.

He has owned Nokia devices ranging from the 3210 to the 6630 but it was with the 6600 that he captured his first image, the catalyst of his long love affair with mobile photography. However, he left our shores as a result of scepticism to the Windows phone aspect of the new devices.


(Fabio captures the sun beaming through beautiful palm trees, a true ‘wish you were here’ capture if I’ve ever seen one!)

Having owned phones such as the Sony Experia and Samsung Galaxy to name but a few, Fabio states that the Lumia 1020 and 1520 to be ‘far superior and much more suited to my needs’.

Why? Well in Fabio’s words it’s because of the opportunity to ‘capture every single detail’ and to deploy the spectacular zoom with endless capabilities’.

These details feed into Fabio’s photographs and I’m sure you can agree with me when I say that they come across as dream-like. Every image appears to be from a distant memory due their hazy features over a truly vibrant and beautiful environment.


Above is a perfect example of what I mean. The photograph appears to be an impressionist painting rather than a photograph such is its dreamy and ambient qualities.

To create this atmosphere Fabio uses an array of apps to help develop his images, namely PicsArt, 4Blend HDR, Lomogram and of course Nokia Creative studio, with each app lending a different functionality into the editing process.

‘Before I take the photo I can already see the angles and edit in my head’ 


‘I like to create unique shots that tell the story of my city, the fact that I am giving advice and holding a Lumia 1520 is a source of pride for me’  says Fabio, and you can see why, it’s beautiful!

Fabio has his own style and that’s to be rightly commended. Some might say it’s easy to be different, but it isn’t to be different AND to be good at it.

As a result of viewing the detail captured by the Lumia in Fabio’s more than capable hands, 2 of his friends have made the switch to Lumia!


To see more of Fabio’s awesome photography you can follow him on his Instagram.

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Here’s one last image but what do we all think of Fabio’s photography? Tell us in the comments below and if you wish to trial a Lumia device you can do by submitting a trial request! 🙂