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March 17, 2014

100 best Asha games

Along with being the ideal phone, camera and music player, your Nokia Asha is also a great gaming device. From shoot-em-ups and sports, to racing and puzzle games, we’ve got everything and everyone covered in our essential top 100 list. Take a deep breath and read on!

The best Nokia Asha 500, Asha 502, Asha 503 and Nokia Asha 501 games, in no particular order!

Assassin’s Creed 3

This series needs little introduction, proving one of the most popular shoot-em-ups over the past decade. It’s now available to download for your Nokia Asha in the form of Assassin’s Creed 3. The 3D graphics are fantastic and atmospheric, making it a worthy addition to any mobile phone gaming collection.

“Download it without ever thinking twice! This is simply the most enjoyable game on the store. Take my word for it.” – 5 star customer review.

Ind vs Aus 2013

If you love cricket, this is a must-have, letting you recreate one of the hottest rivalries on your Nokia Asha. As with real cricket, this game is all about timing – get it wrong and you’ll end up with nothing, with a cheeky duck even making an appearance and waddling across in front of you. Get it right though, and you can smash the ball out of the stadium.


Ace Combat by Namco

Take to the skies with Ace Combat, a title that offers birds-eye-view graphics similar to retro arcade games. Control is via a responsive onscreen joypad, and it couldn’t be easier to play. The whole game looks particularly polished, and the action is fast-paced and addictive.

Cut The Buttons

Cut The Buttons is great if you’re looking for a non-violent, non-sporting game that provides a challenge. Just pick buttons that are the same colour, and cut across in a line to match them up – under a strict time limit. Progress and the challenge will get increasingly harder.

Bomberman Pro

There’s a good chance you’ve come across Bomberman before, and the premise for this game is no different. Move around the maze, avoiding various enemies, and dropping bombs to catch them out as you go. The graphics are simple but fun, and although it’s tough to time your bombs to perfection, it’s incredibly satisfying when you get it right.


Devil’s Ride 3D

Devil’s Ride 3D lets you hit the piste, slaloming down a 3D ski slope and collecting items as you go. From power-ups to speed you up, to extra time, to packages that make the controls act in reverse, there’s loads to collect and there’s loads to make your journey faster or slower.


Flying a police helicopter armed with a laser, your job is to help hostages escape from militants, eliminating the latter and making sure you don’t accidentally catch the good guys. There’s only one button to press, but with a time limit and lots going on, it’s a lot of fun to play.

Border War LOC

Border War LOC is particularly challenging, with waves of enemies attacking thick and fast. Aim from side to side at incoming aircraft, and make sure to shoot enemies who are parachuting down to end your existence. The gameplay is fun throughout, and the graphics wouldn’t look out of place on a smartphone costing twice the price.

“The best of best” – 5 star customer review


Pro Football 2014

Pro Football 2014 is soccer, but not as we know it. At least, not in terms of running around. Instead, Pro Football is based on table football – or foosball – letting you move players from left to right, and spin them around to kick the ball. The cartoony graphics suit this game perfectly and, as with real table football, it can be tricky to get a grasp of where the ball is going and what you should be doing. Great fun!

“Great graphics!” – 5 star customer review

3D Ski Jumping

3D Ski Jumping is one of the tougher games we’ve played, but when you do master it, you’ll be flying. Literally. Getting the right speed is crucial, as is the direction and landing, and you’ll need to perfect your jump before you can qualify for the championships. The 3D graphics are impressive, and it’s a lot of fun.

Fighter Jet

There’s a reason that fighter games are so popular, and this is a title we’re absolutely in love with. It’s certainly simple – just drag your plane around the screen, avoid the enemy flak and collect help parcels while shooting – but it’s also incredibly addictive. We’re thinking of returning for another round while we write!


K.O. Racing 3D

A 3D racer that really puts you at the heart of the action, K.O Racing 3D lets you take part in events all around the world. It’s easy to play; accelerating automatically but putting you in control of steering and braking. The speed of this game is enough to create a tough test of your reactions.

Mario Puzzle

Mario Puzzle is a simple take on the traditional slider game – a 3x3x3 board with a missing space and a mixed up photo of everyone’s favourite Italian plumper, Mario, which you need to rearrange to put back in order. As always, it’s a fun game, and it’s easy to waste plenty of time making everything ‘just so’.

Sniper Shoot

Sniper Shoot does exactly what it says on the tin, putting you behind the scope and letting you do away with your enemies. There are different levels and locations, and all you need to do is aim your gun and tap the screen to fire when the bad guys pop up.


Save The Dogs

A game for animal fans, Save the Dogs is an appealing puzzler, where you need to put various dogs back in their kennels without them going near each other. It takes a bit of thought, looks brilliant and is difficult to put down once you’ve started.

Soccer Simulator

Tapping and holding the screen, letting go at the perfect time, the aim of Soccer Simulator is see just how far you can get a football to go. You can time in a couple of additional bounces, and there are different obstacles along the way, helping you to get further or throwing a spanner in the works.

Vampire Pet

Once your vampire bat is born, you can spend time looking after him (or her), showing it love, feeding it, cleaning up and helping to entertain it. It’ll tell you what he wants, so it’s easy to respond accordingly, just ensure to keep on its good side.


Car Puzzle

If you prefer logic and challenges over action, it’s worth checking out Car Puzzle; an app where you get the chance to build a car by moving various automative parts around. It’s ideal for younger Nokia owners, letting them work out which shapes and parts fit where.

Parking champ

Think that you’re good at parking cars? Now you can prove it with Parking Champ, edging your motor into the tiniest and most compromised spaces. The birds-eye perspective looks attractive, and it’s easy to control, fast and fluent.

Super Commando 3

Take on your enemies with this fantastic platform shooter. The graphics put most games to shame, and the gameplay on Super Commando 3 is equally impressive. With several levels and all sorts of hurdles to overcome, it’s a great title that’s worth repeat play.


Tiny Snowman

Move your tiny snowman around the ice, giving him instructions to help avoid bears, collecting presents as he goes. Plenty of care and attention has gone into the graphics on Tiny Snowman, making it easy on the eye and helping to make it fun to play.

Twisted Machines Turbo Racing

Steer your car through the testing turns on up to 45 different street circuits, wiping out your rivals as you go. There are different bosses to beat throughout the game, keeping it interesting for longer periods of time. It’s also great to see different backdrops for the multiple locations.

Feed The Dog

Feed the Dog sees you navigating a canine across a garden, avoiding hazards and directing it to food. You’ll need to get the directions 100 per cent right, otherwise you’ll be leading him into danger. It looks good, the gameplay is fun, and it’s worth checking out on your Nokia Asha.


The perfect games for older Nokia Asha phones

Drag Race Bike

Get ready to test your reactions with Drag Race Bike. Take on rivals on the drag strip and see just how quickly you can launch yourself down the tarmac on 36 different bikes in five different locations.

Dungeon Hunter 3

With an isometric viewpoint and amazing detail, Dungeon Hunter 3 is one of the most attractive games we’ve seen on the Nokia Store, and the gameplay on this 3D role-player is more than up to the task. Fun, frantic and addictive, it’s a game that we really do love.

“Great RPG, cool action and skills” – 5 star customer review

Rescue Mission

We absolutely adore Rescue Mission, ranking as one of our favourite ever Asha games. From the safety of your helicopter, your job is to rescue people, dropping them into the flatbeds of passing trucks. So far, so good, but the further you get the tougher it becomes. Missiles are fired at you, lasers appear, giant cutting machines are put in your way to make your drop-offs harder.

Danger Dash

If you’re a fan of Temple Run, there’s a strong chance that Danger Dash will be one of your favourite Asha games. This time you’re running from lions, tapping left and right to avoid all manner of nasties, and tapping up and down to jump over and slide under obstacles. It looks amazing, responding perfectly to light inputs, and it’s a worthy addition to your games collection.


ICC Champions Trophy 2013

As one of the most-watched sports in the world, it’s no surprise that cricket games are incredibly popular. This is one for cricket fanatics, letting you take charge of your favourite team and fight for the ICC Champions Trophy. It’s a tough game, but it’s also a lot of fun.

Space Survivor 2

An arcade-style shoot-em-up, you’re in control of a spaceship hurtling through the void, dodging enemy fire and blowing them up. The controls are easy – move your way around by tapping the sides and edges of the screen. Our tip: use the auto-fire button.

Angry Zombie Birds

Angry Zombie Birds really is a game that we could spend all day playing. It looks fantastic, and it’s beautifully simple. All you need to do is aim, reload and fire at passing birds, but it’s incredibly addictive. See for yourself.


Mutants Hunter in Abu

A fearsome-looking 3D game, Mutants Hunter in Abu is like little else on the Nokia Store. The graphics are genuinely impressive, with transforming robots on the rampage, and – quite brilliantly – a number of giant Nokia Asha 501s.

Bike Stunt

There’s a lot of entertainment to be had from Bike Stunt; a game that sees you take to the roads, trying to avoid oncoming traffic. You can control the bike by tapping either side of the screen, collecting coins along the way to beat your previous high score. The further you go, the faster and tougher things get.

Rabbit Trip

Hop round the garden in Rabbit Trip, looking for carrots as you go. Be careful though; many are placed alongside boxes that could trip you up and catch you out.


Tortoise And The Hare

Controlling an evil-looking hare, see how far you can kick a tortoise, with distance the goal of the game. Choose the angle the tortoise flies at, along with the strength of kick, to get every last millimetre from the flight.

Christmas Angry Shooter

Christmas may have passed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy some of the games that were launched during the festive season. Christmas Angry Shooter follows in the footsteps of Angry Zombie Birds, letting you drag out your shotgun and go shooting. We love the cartoony Christmas take on it (hats galore!).

Penalty Asha

Penalty Asha is another game that’s incredibly catchy. As the name suggests, you’ll be taking and attempting to save penalties. Gameplay is based around timing, with a number of different power bars to tap – fail to get it spot on and your ball will end up in row Z.


Traffic Frenzy

Real traffic on the road is enough to send even the most benign of us into a heated rage, but there’s something strangely therapeutic when you can battle other people on your Nokia Asha. Try it with Traffic Frenzy.

All Star Speedway

All Star Speedway takes some mastering to get right, but it’s well worth the effort when you manage it. The game features 3D graphics that look outstanding and we really enjoyed hammering round the track trying to catch other riders.

Skater Boy

Skating through the park and down the road, you’ll need to be on the ball to jump over various obstacles, while trying to collect coins at the same time. There’s only one button to press – tap the screen to make Skater Boy jump– but timing is everything.


Tiny Robot

Plot out the route for your Tiny Robot, working out a series of moves to ensure you cover the game board without standing on a bomb. When you’ve sorted the route – using forward, backward and left and right keys – press play to see your robot set off on his (hopefully safe) journey.

Wolf Egg Hunt

The aim of this game is to catch eggs in a basket as they fall from chicken huts. And that’s it. Another addictive game where speed is everything!

Santa Snake

We love Snake at the best of times, but this is a slightly different take on the Nokia classic, where you need to control Santa and fly round the screen collecting reindeer. The more reindeer you get, the longer the snake. As is tradition, don’t run into your own tail.


Thalaiva Puzzle

Slide the tiles around on this puzzle game to complete a picture. When you’re done, choose another image – there are loads. If you get stuck, shuffle the image. A move-counter keeps things competitive.

Trouble Bubble

A great-looking puzzle game, Trouble Bubble sees you in space trying to match up identical coloured bubbles as they pass you by. Aim and tap the bubbles, trying to get as many in a row as you can before you run out of time.

Heli Race

With some neat detailing, Heli Race is a cool-looking game that lets you take to the skies. There are hurdles to avoid, so you’ll need to be quick in aiming your heli high or low. Pick up petrol en route to help you get further and achieve a longer distance, which is the aim of the game.


Speed Club

Unlike the other racing games we’ve looked at, Speed Club showcases a different perspective, putting you on a drag strip. Time the gear shifts to perfection to help you beat your rivals. It looks great and, as the cars get faster, you’ll need quicker reactions to stay on top.

Extreme Bowling

Enjoy the sights and sounds of the bowling alley without having to don a pair of second-hand bowling shoes. Just tap the ball and swipe in the direction you want it to go. Scoring is just the same as the real game.

“Mind blowing game play, excellent graphics n sound effect.” – 5 star customer review

Penalty Shootout-Golden Boot

If you enjoyed Penalty Asha, you’ll love Penalty Shootout-Golden Boot. The basic premise may be the same – score penalties – but the gameplay is completely different; flick the ball with your finger. There are a number of different gameplay options, too helping to keep the game varied and interesting.


Perfect games for older Nokia Asha phones

Pac Man Party

Electronic Arts is celebrating 30 years of Pac Man in 2014. Within There are lots of mini games to play within Pac Man Party, including competitive-eating competitions and seeing how far you can blast your Pac Man. Retro joy.

Dhoom 3: The Game

A title played from a birds-eye view, Dhoom 3: The Game gives you the opportunity to whizz through the streets of Chicago on a superbike. With steering managed by tapping the screen, it’s easy to control and the fast pace helps to keep things interesting.

Ultimate Linos Special Edition

A title which sees you take control of Linos Ultimatum, the greatest special agent in the galaxy (so we’re informed), you’ll need to navigate your way round hostile environments, keeping hidden from enemy agents. If they see you, it’s game over. The graphics are impressive and the controls are simple, helping you to concentrate on what matters – enjoying the gameplay.

Jumping Hero

We absolutely love this game, where you’ll control a penguin and try to get him to jump as high as possible. There are different platforms to jump on as the screen moves upwards, and you’ll need to move left or right to ensure you land on one, picking up things like rocket boosters to make things easier on the way. Miss one of the platforms, and you’ll fall back to the bottom and it’s game over.


Hercules 3D

Hercules 3D is a tough, challenging game with a stunning and distinctive 3D design. You’ll battle enemies that include dragons, Gods and warriors, taking them on with swards and crossbows. Turn from left to right, and time it perfectly to slay your enemies.

3D Moto

If you prefer your racing games on two wheels, 3D Moto is well worth a look, letting you take to the streets and ride like a hooligan. You can control the bike via a sensitive and accurate bar at the bottom of the display, sliding it left or right to steer. You can also use your Nokia Asha’s accelerometer to steer, but we found that a lot tougher.


The aim of Hoof is to combine three or more balls of the same colour, firing new balls into the fray as the current ones work their way around the screen. You’ll need to think on your feet though, with little time to react before you run out of space. When you do get three in a row, they’ll disappear, and the line of balls will retract slightly, giving you a little more time.


Monster Pet

Want your very own virtual pet? Try something a little different from the usual cats and dogs, with the bizarre but charmingly cute monster pet. Once he’s born, it’ll be down to you to feed him, to entertain him and to make sure he goes to sleep on time. Help him out, and he’ll stay happy.

Kill Kill Ant

Kill Kill Ant is one of those beautifully simple games that anybody can play. All you need to do is tap the screen to squash invading ants, with the attacks getting faster and more frenzied as you go. There are no button combinations to worry about, just squash the ant with your finger when it appears, and get ready for the next few.

Bus Tycoon

Bus Tycoon is one of the most satisfying games currently available for your Asha when you get things right, with a lot of attention needed to make sure your customers are happy. You’ll be set different challenges, such as collecting specific amounts of money or getting smiles from customers, and it’s up to you to buy things like bus stops and the right number of buses for particular routes.

“Enjoy playing this game. A bit hard at first to understand the game. Conclusion, worth to download.” – 5 star customer review


Zombie Slash

Zombie Slash is anther game where you don’t need to think about buttons – just wait until the zombies get flung up in the air, and swipe across the screen of your Nokia Asha to slash them in half. It’s a lot of fun, and even more challenging if you’re trying to get a couple at the same time.

Fighter Zone

With simple birds-eye-view graphics, this game runs quickly and smoothly, and it really helps the fun gameplay to shine through. Navigate mazes using the arrow keys, at the same time avoiding running into enemies, and shooting them when you get the chance.

Extreme Quad Bikes Pro

Extreme Quad Bikes Pro gives you the chance to test your mettle in all sorts of conditions, with demanding tracks including snow and covered in obstacles to catch you out. With simple and large buttons to steer, it’s easy to play but you’ll need to practise if you want to come out on top.


Sky Burner 2

This is one of the toughest arcade games we’ve played on Asha, with enemy ships coming in thick and fast, and shooting at you from all angles. Tap the screen to move up and down, left and right, and try to avoid enemy flack. The game looks good, and it’s fun to play, too.

Air Force

The arcade-style play and overhead view make this game similar in principle to Fighter Zone, controlling your fighter plane by tapping the area of the screen you want to go. We love the graphics, and trying to dodge bullets, missiles, bombs and other objects makes it a challenging game to master.


A reworked version of the classic Space Invaders game, UFOInvaders is every bit as much fun. Dodge left and right, and fire at enemy craft as they get ever lower on your screen. What could be more fun?


Hit The Beaver

A virtual take on Whack-a-mole, you’ll need quick reactions to hit the beaver that pops up on your Nokia Asha. All you need to do is wait for it to pop its head out of one of the holes, tapping it when it appears, but make sure you get the right hole.

Extreme Traffic Chaos

Extreme Traffic Chaos is a fun but at times absurdly tricky game, where you help to control traffic at a busy crossroads. Stop cars and trucks in their tracks, or speed them on their way, just make sure they avoid things coming from other directions. With traffic flying at you from all sides, Extreme Traffic Chaos is action-packed and a lot of fun.

Underwater Saga

Underwater Saga feels similar to a couple of different games, and it’s all the better because of it. You’ll need to get three bubbles in a row, but an element of pinball is also thrown into the mix, letting you fire and aim new bubbles at the game. When you get three in a row, they pop and disappear, with the aim being to get as many combinations as possible and get rid of all the bubbles.


Shoot Scorpions

With Scorpions falling down from the top of the screen, all you need to do in this game is move your gun and press to shoot. It’s simple but effective, and surprisingly addictive.

Monkey Balloon Tower Defence

The aim of Monkey Balloon Tower Defence is to pop the balloons before they can reach the end of the track. Be warned, though, there’s a lot of them, so you’ll need to think carefully about where you position your monkeys. There are several different types of monkey, too, with some animals capable of freezing the balloons, and others popping them with darts, giving you more choice when it comes to dealing with the inflatables.

Snowman VS Sun

Everybody knows that snowmen hate the sun, and this is your chance to make a difference and help out! Help the snowman to beat the sunny conditions with an umbrella, directing it towards the moving sun to stop your snowman from melting.


Snake Safari

Snake Safari may be a simple case of firing the eggs from a snakes mouth and matching them up with similar ones, but it’s painfully addictive. Simply aim and fire – that’s all this game is about – but 30 minutes later and we’re still playing it.

Monster War

Ever flown a dragon before? Now’s your chance, thanks to Monster War, a game which sees you trying to avoid other dragons and monsters, along with rocks and objects that are flung your way. Tap left and right to dodge debris, and try to avoid the other creatures as well.

Magic 8-Ball

Magic 8 Ball can act as your personal fortune teller, offering predictions at the tap of a button. Ask it for any advice, and press the onscreen button to get an answer. Is it worth a download? “Definitely – yes”.


The perfect games for older Nokia Asha phones

Drag Race Jetski

We love a bit of drag racing, and it looks even better when it’s on water! Drag Race Jetski offers a choice of 36 different jetskis, different locations and a choice of gameplay options – from quickplay to career. This game looks great, and is entertaining enough that you’ll keep coming back for more.

Operation River

Working your way above a river in a plane, it’s time to create mayhem and start shooting everything on the screen. You can collect bombs along the way, helping to increase destructive powers, along with other power-ups, including a turbo mode that lets you escape enemies.

Turbo Speed Race

Aim left or right to steer around traffic in Turbo Speed Race, trying to collect coins at the same time to beat previous high scores. The birds-eye view looks good and works well, with the Nokia Asha 501 proving easily quick enough to handle this game and keep things running smoothly.

“Gooooood :)” – 5 star customer review

Bottle Shooter

Bottle Shooter does almost exactly what it says on the tin, letting you have fun by breaking bottles. Instead of shooting them with a gun, you’ll be throwing a big rock at them – simply swipe in the direction you want to throw. With a timer and a score to beat though, the pressure is on!


Train Conductor 2

You don’t have to be a train fanatic to get enjoyment out of Train Conductor 2 – a game where you’ll need to be on your toes if you’re to help stop huge collisions between trains. You’ll have a rough idea of where the trains are coming from – just make sure you switch them to different tracks before it’s too late.

Los Balancines

Similar to Doodle Jump in style, this game is all about collecting as many peppers as possible while you jump ever upwards, but instead of controlling Amego, you control the platforms he jumps on, tilting them left or right to switch the direction he jumps in. It’s a responsive game, and one of the more entertaining offerings we’ve played on the Nokia Asha.

TT Snakes And Ladders

A modern take on a classic board game, you can now play Snakes and Ladders on your Nokia Asha. Just select your player, and tap the die to roll. There’s even a multi-player mode, letting you link up with other Asha owners via Bluetooth.

The Street Combat Trial

Dust off your scope and get ready for shooting action with The Street Combat Trial, a game where you tap onscreen to aim and fire. Enemies can pop up from anywhere, jumping out from behind post boxes and walls, and you’ll have to be quick if you want to shoot them before they get you.


Space Survivor 2

There’s a lot of fun to be had from dodging enemy craft and missiles out in space, and this game both looks good and is easy to get to grips with. Simply move your finger to the top, bottom, left or right to move your spaceship around, trying to hit enemies as you go.

Fun Sudoku

The benefit of playing a Sudoku on your Asha is that when you’ve finished, you’ll have access to another one straight away. If you like mental puzzles, this is definitely the game for you.

Assassin’s Creed Revelations

If you loved the original Assassin’s Creed games on the Nokia Asha, you’ll love Assassin’s Creed Revelations. The latest version of Gameloft’s classic offers more of what we’ve already come to love, with stunning graphics, compelling gameplay and easy-to-use controls.

“Can’t stop playing it” – 5 star customer review


Tiger The Bhai

Ever been water skiing? Now’s your chance, but it won’t be easy, with missiles, boats, jet skis and lots more heading your way. Tap left or right to try and dodge things coming at you, staying above the water.

Brick Maze

Brick Maze is a simple yet fun game, where you’ll need to navigate a ball round the maze. With up, down, left and right arrows, it’s a game anybody can play, and it’s just as entertaining for all ages.

World at Arms

One of Gameloft’s latest titles, World at Arms lets you wage a war against terrorists. This isn’t just an action-packed shoot-em-up though, instead seeing you create an entire army base, managing budgets, overseeing building work and buying equipment before you head out to war. It’s time consuming, challenging but extremely satisfying.


Adventure of Ted

Adventure of Ted is a Super Mario-style platform game, letting you run, jump and try to avoid obstacles. The cartoon styling looks great, and the gameplay is fast and smooth at all times.

The Amazing Spider-Man Demo

A fantastic looking platform game, you can now play the part of Peter Parker and take a stand against Spiderman’s enemies. There are loads of different levels, and there’s something immensely addictive about casting webs at people.

Highway Skating 3D

Jump left and right to avoid obstacles in this skateboarding game, while at the same time collecting items and helping to clear up the streets. The cartoon 3D graphics in Highway Skating 3D really add to the overall experience, and the simple touch controls also mean the skateboard is easy to control.


Genius: Button Football

Genius: Button Football is the ideal title for lovers of table-top football game Subbuteo, offering similar gameplay where you’ll have to think carefully about where you’re flicking the players and the way it will affect the travel of the ball. The simple graphics help to keep the gameplay slick, and there’s a lot to like here.

Dragon Mania

Another fantastic Gameloft game, Dragon Mania gives you the opportunity to raise your very own dragon. There are loads of different options in this game though, and it’s far from just feeding the dragon and letting it get on with things – you’ll need to think about building it somewhere to live, what you’re going to feed it, who you’re going to attack, and there’s nothing stopping you from collecting more and more. Along with impressive gameplay, the graphics also look fantastic, adding an extra element to the game.


It’s almost impossible not to love RiverLite, a game where the only control is done by tilting the phone and tapping the screen to shoot. The aim is to get as far down the river as possible, picking up fuel along the way and shooting enemy balloons, warships, tanks and bridges. It’s one of the simplest games we’ve played yet, but it’s so much fun it’s definitely worth adding to your collection.


Commando Mission

Anther top shooting game, defend forts and other battlements by aiming and firing at enemies as they jump out and attempt to shoot you. This game is all about reactions, and quick responding controls make it easy to get to grips with and have fun.

Easy Killing

The big onscreen joypad in Easy Killing is great for controlling this 2D shooter, steering the man around different rooms and trying to hunt down enemies. You also have a gun, so as soon as you see them other people you’ll be able to shoot them before they get you.

Smart Thief

Help the Smart Thief to escape from the international police in this platform game, running, jumping and even motorcycling your way to freedom. There are loads of different things to catch you out along the way though, so be aware of rocks, tyres and other things in the road.


Perfect games for older Nokia Asha phones

Monkey Jump

Take on the life of a monkey, and spend your time climbing poles and trying to avoid enemies. We like this game, as it’s good fun to play, and jumping between poles to avoid snakes and more while trying to grab food on the way is more than a challenge.

Snake 3D

It’s a struggle to find any game more addictive than the original Snake, and the game has lost none of its appeal in 3D. The premise remains the same – work your way around the screen, eating and getting bigger, avoiding the edges and avoiding your tail, and it’s just as much fun as it’s always been.


Jumping Justin

This game is based around Justin, an extraordinary  beaver. Fired from a super-large catapult, the aim of Jumping Justin is to help the beaver get as high as possible, collecting items on the way – such as magnets and motors – to help prevent the beaver from falling back to earth.

Go Go

Soldiers are chasing you in Go Go, meaning you’ll need to run as fast as possible. Tapping the screen helps you to jump and avoid hurdles, and you’ll also need to jump across rooftops as you go. With the ground being shot at around you, Go Go is a battle to survive.

We hope you enjoyed our gaming run down. Let us know your favourites, or anything we’ve missed, in the comments below.