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March 18, 2014

Nokia 220: your first internet device

With its endearing price point, simple design and everything you need to get online, the Nokia 220 is the perfect first internet device.


Most of us have that one member of the family who remains stubborn in their refusal to join us all in the wondrously warm waters of the World Wide Web.

No matter how hard we try, we just can’t get them on to Facebook, or to sign up for an email account; just so we can share our favourite photos and connect with them more often.

However, despite the protestations of those parents, uncles or technophobic friends, it’s our duty as internet advocates to open their eyes to the joys of email, messaging, social media and the vast ocean of positivity that is the world wide web.

There’s no better device to welcome those web newbies than the brand new Nokia 220 – the perfect first internet device for someone less concerned about megapixels and multi-core processors.

The most affordable Nokia data phone to date is great for keeping those close to you connected and up to date at all times.

The device, which has a more familiar ‘candybar’ form-factor for those who’re less into touchscreens, comes loaded with the Nokia Xpress Browser and Microsoft Bing Search, allowing anyone to get connected and stay connected for longer.


Anyone bestowed with a Nokia 220 will be able to keep up with the news, the latest travel and transport information, their football team’s scores, truly opening up a brand new world.

Essential apps like Facebook and Twitter are also built right in, making sharing photos (taken with the two-megapixel camera) or sending birthday wishes easier than ever before, even for novice users just entering the world of the web.

It’s also the perfect mobile phone for travellers, thanks to the dual-SIM compatibility. When parents head off on their summer holiday this year, they can pick up a local SIM card, insert it into the Nokia 220 and make cheaper local calls without worrying about racking up a massive bill.

The Nokia 220 also comes in an attractive range of colours, is highly durable and boasts a battery offering an impressive 15 hours of talk time. If that’s not enough, it also has a flashlight.

More than ever before our lives and social activities are arranged online, so its important we don’t leave anyone behind.

Who will you be buying the Nokia 220 for? Let us know!







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