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March 18, 2014

Nokia X: how to secure your data

Your private digital world should be accessible to only you. Thankfully, with the Nokia X family there are a number of measures you can use to stay secure.

When it comes to security, there’s only place you need to look: Settings > Security

From here you’ve got access to the screen security, encryption, and SIM card lock. Let’s explore them all.


Screen security

It’s always a wise precaution that, at the very least, you set up a lock-screen entry code.

With Nokia X there are two options to choose from: PIN, and password.

For the PIN, try to think of one that’s not easily guessed – not 1234, for example.

There’s a minimum requirement of four digits, so make it as long as possible while remembering it yourself.

The password option allows you to select a combination of numbers or letters – or both.



If you want to be extra cautious, there’s an additional encryption option that encodes all the accounts that are set up on your device, plus settings, your downloaded apps (and data), images and videos and other files.

Encryption takes about an hour to perform, so make sure your Nokia X is plugged into a charger during this process.

Once your data is encrypted, the only way to decrypt will be to fully factory reset your phone.


SIM card lock

Setting a lock on the device is one thing, as it prevents people from accessing stored data, but you can also protect the SIM card and your account – and therefore your wallet.

Turning on a SIM lock means people won’t be able to remove your SIM card, put it in their phone and make calls.

Shop safely

Apps. We all download them. However, there can be rogue apps (or more importantly, developers) out there that may try to syphon off any personal data for dishonourable means. While this is uncommon, it’s wise to play safe and use a trusted apps/game store.

All of the apps and games from the Nokia Store have been checked and are safe to use. The next time you download some content; you’ll know it’s passed a thorough a rigorous checklist.

What security measures do you take on your device? Let us know.