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March 19, 2014

Little details I’m loving #3: Nokia Asha 230 curves

The Nokia Asha 230 is small, perfectly formed, and ideal for the latest in our ‘little details I’m loving‘ series.

At just 99.5 mm long and 58.6 mm wide the Nokia Asha 230 is compact. Not only that, but the shape of this small, but feature packed, touch phone is designed to fit snugly in your palm, or your pocket.

In the hand, the curves of the polycarbonate back nestle comfortably in your grasp. It’s not until you turn it over that you really appreciate those engineered lines.


The back cover is seamlessly formed, leaving space for only the necessities. Only the camera, speaker vent, side buttons, headphone inlet and Micro-USB port are conveniently positioned to not detract from the design and feel of the phone.

When it comes to using the Nokia Asha 230, the smooth rounded edges make it easy for your fingers to wrap around, making it easy for you to thumb your way through the phone’s UI.


What design elements of the Nokia Asha 230 are you fond of? Let us know.