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March 19, 2014

Morten and Hieu takeover Instagram!

Handing over the keys of one of your prize assets is a tough thing to do, unless of course you know those receiving them are more than capable of handling them in both a creative and professional manner, so that’s what we did!

Firstly, meet Morten Nordstrom from Copenhagen, Denmark, rightly known as the king of the ‘puddlegram’. The announcement of Mortens impending takeover was met with excitement and he more than lived up to expectations, posting a number of perfect puddlegrams while teaching everybody about mobile photography and Instagram.



 ‘My heart beats for Nokia’ – Morten


Usually rockin’ a Lumia 925, we put a Lumia 1020 into the hands of  Morten, who wasted no time in maximising its potential, taking us all on a journey around Copenhagen, even venturing to the main library!



‘Puddlegrams can be tough in the dark for those with ordinary smartphones’ says Morten, well there isn’t anything ordinary about the Lumia 1020’s low-light capabilities, as you can see below.


‘I really enjoyed getting to know other Lumia lovers who are into photography and it was great to share tips, tricks and knowledge about how to maximize the potential of our Lumia’s with the rest of the community’ – Morten

The level of consistency is very high with Morten and his concept is very engaging to the eye and mind. We all look forward to following Morten’s mobile photography career and hopefully he will back.

Next up we have Hieu Nguyen. We’ve had our eye on Hieu for a long time and have previously re-grammed a selection of his fantastic images. Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Hieu has a fair few Nokia devices, notably the Lumia 920, 1020 and 1520.


He started his takeover by sharing a macro of Vietnam’s flag reflecting in drops of water.

The result? Awesome!


‘The Instagram takeover showcase is brilliant. I love being inspired by another photographers who are changing the way we take and share photos from their Lumias’ – Hieu


The shots that we have shared of Hieu’s before have been long exposures, a style that seems to suit him and he shared a wonderful capture of water flowing around rocks using this technique.


 ‘The greatest thing about Instagram is the ability for users to experience places all over the world instanly’ – Hieu

Of course Hieu’s takeover wouldn’t have been complete without showing Saigon in all its glory from the riverside. Check out the colours captured here to near perfection as they reflect on the water for a puddlegram of his own, albeit in very different style to Morten’s.



‘It’s been a great pleasure to share my photography around the world. I felt extremely proud and humble’ – Hieu 

Hieu has also just become a Nokia photographic ambassador so a big congratulations is due!

So why do we do these takeovers? It’s simple, they’re entertaining and inspiring at the same time. Those taking over get to interact with our awesome community and share their amazing talent, tips and tricks, offering guidance for others to realise the full potential of what you can do with a Lumia device.

‘It was also a fantastic opportunity to showcase my work, tell my story and show my city’ – Morten

Everyone has a different eye and different cultures naturally breed different styles. Morten’s concept is puddlegrams and the streets of Copenhagen whilst David’s is built Vietnam’s bright and vibrant environment.

We hope you enjoy these takeovers as much as we do, tell us in the comments below.

And if you’ve seen anyone with a fantastic Lumia eye and think they should get their chance to takeover then please put them forward.  Or alternatively, if you would like to do a takeover put yourself forward too!