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March 19, 2014

Personalising Nokia X the way you want

With every purchase of a new phone comes a period of personalisation. With plenty of customisable options on the Nokia X, X+ and XL, you’ll have it looking and sounding just the way you want in no time.


Homescreen tiles

All the pre-installed apps, functions and future apps you download appear in just one place; your homescreen. They’ll manifest as tiles, much like you see on Nokia Lumia.

The colours of the tiles are predetermined, however you can position them anywhere on the homescreen in either small or large tile format. Just hold down on a tile to drag and drop it to your preferred slot.

You’ll notice by some of the colour coding that certain types of app or feature belong together. For example, the People, Messaging and Phone tiles are all green. To make a tile larger, or smaller, tap and hold the app, and tap the arrow to expand or shrink accordingly.

To delete (and uninstall) an app from the homescreen, tap and hold again, then hit the x icon. You’ll be asked to confirm if you want to delete, so double check your sanity first.



The arrangement of your homescreen is entirely up to you, your requirements and your tastes. However, grouping items together can make apps easier to locate – photo or fitness apps, for example.

When it comes to dragging and dropping your items around the screen, pay close attention to how they interact with other apps.

By dragging an item close to an existing app, you’ll notice that it appears to integrate into the group. If you pull it away, it’ll break free from a cluster and allow you to put it into another group, or start a new one.

App folders

While grouping is one way to keep certain items together, creating an app folder is another, more organised way.

Tapping and holding on an item on the screen will again activate the customisation mode; it’s also where you find the app folders icon – at the bottom.

Create a folder, give it a name, and it’ll appear on your homescreen. All that’s left to do now is to drag and drop items into the folder.



As well as tiles, you can also have widgets displayed on the homescreen.

Widgets provide up-to-date information from services such as Facebook, BBM, Twitter and other apps downloadable from Nokia Store and third-party stores.

The sounds of X

The classic Nokia ringtone is set as your default. As iconic and melodious as this is, you might want to change it to be able to distinguish your phone from a room full of others.

It’s under the ‘Sounds and Vibra’ section of the phone settings that you can pick from a selection of pre-installed ringtones, or any of the songs stored on your phone.

Additionally, you can assign a different sound to your notifications.

There are plenty of ways to personalise your Nokia X, X+ or XL. How will you personalise yours?